10 things not to do during worship

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  Hello ladies.  As I sit to “pen” my thoughts, for some reason, I am thinking about worship this morning. 

It was awesome!  God’s presence was felt, and I was moved to another realm in my spirit, as I got lost in the music.  Then it happened…the pop pop pop of someone’s gum.  Maybe it had always been there since she sat down.  I don’t know.

I began to think about the things that could distract someone from truly worshiping.  Here are my top 10:

10.  allowing your child to talk during worship (the ENTIRE worship time)

  9.  allowing your child to kick the pew or chair in front of him/her  

  8.  allowing your child to pretend “read” the program–out loud

  7.  the heavy breather (breathing that sounds almost like a light snore)

  6.  constant talking (even if it’s a whisper)

  5.  note passing throughout the entire service (I want to read them!)

  4.  clicking the pen (the note taker can do this without being aware) 

  3.  the nervous leg shaker (it shakes the entire pew) 

  2.  amen-ing EVERYTHING

  1.  popping gum

Do you have something to add–without being mean?  Email me at [email protected]

Shelly Johns, Women’s Ministry/Senior Adult Associate







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