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Spiritual Leadership: the leader’s role

A couple of weeks ago, I discussed a chapter entitled “The Leaders Pitfalls” in Henry Blackaby’s Spiritual Leadership.  (To review or read that post, see “older posts”.) This week, let’s take a brief look at the role (what leaders do) of spiritual leaders and the distinctive elements of this type of leadership.  Spiritual leadership (a tag for those seeking to […]

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Got Life?   For the past few weeks, Dr. Mike O’Neal (Pastor, Hurstbourne Baptist Church, Louisville) has preached a series from Ecclesiastes.  The last sermon of the series was “Got Life?”    Throughout the book of Ecclesiastes, we are shown ways we can find meaning in life.  At the end of this book, there is the challenge.  Dr. […]

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How is your time mangement?

If you are like most women your calendar is full this time of year.  Monday-Women’s Bible Study, Tuesday-cheerleading practice, Wednesday-church, Thursday-Staff meeting, Friday-ballgame, Saturday-work day at church, Sunday-church, along with various committee meetings!  Sound familiar?  We are stretched in all different ways.  It seems like we make time for everything, but maybe the two things […]

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Finely Tuned

Pay attention and listen to the sayings of the wise; apply your heart to what I teach.  Proverbs 22:1 The Psalmist encourages us in several passages to pay close attention to the words, teachings, and instructions given to us about God.  But how closely do we really listen? Last month, we installed a surround sound system […]

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Unwrapping Your “Gift”-edness!

I love receiving gifts—especially when the gift giver has given a meaningful or specific gift based upon who I am.  A type of intimacy (knowing you well) and love play important roles in this kind of giving.  For me, my sister is one of the best gift-givers. Who comes to mind when you think of a good […]

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Ministering to Today’s Woman

Women today are pulled in so many different directions at once!  How can Women’s Ministries address their needs, attract their attention, and affect their lives for Christ? First of all, we must offer study and ministry opportunities at varied times to accommodate the multiple schedules and family responsiblities.  Some women have preschoolers, some have full […]

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Lessons learned from Super Saturday!

I had the privilege to help the KBC with three Super Saturday events over the last month.  Even though I was working, I did get to sit in on some of the classes.  By the way if you have never been to a Super Saturday you should really try to attend next year, it is a great […]

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Spiritual Leadership: sinking in the pitfalls!

What makes a leader successful?  Are there “tried and true” methods?  There are numerous books on leadership and how to be a successful leader.  Spiritual leadership, by Henry Blackaby, should be on every Christian leaders’ shelf.  (Okay…I like the book a little.)  Filled with invaluable nuggets, it challenges Christian leaders to serve God effectively.  He reminds […]

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What Are The Benefits of Women’s Ministry?

As churches develop Women’s Ministries programs that enable women to grow in their relationship with the Lord and provide opportunities to reach out and touch the lives of other women, definite benefits result: As women study the Bible and the applications of biblical truths, they grow spiritually.  Bible studies related specifically to womanly issues help them to […]

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I Want to Hear You, Lord

On one hand, my mind is filled with the things of God–wanting to see people come to Him; desiring to live an obedient life; praying for my sisters and brothers in Christ, etc.  On the other hand, there are those times when I feel disconnected from Him. This morning, as I was crying out to God, He reminded […]

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