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Ultimate Makeover

 Anything new AND better is exciting to me.  Have you ever watched a makeover—of anything?  I love seeing the before and after pictures so that I compare and make my own conclusions of better or worse. Let’s take an old house, for example, that undergoes a radical transformation.  Old material is replaced.  Familiar doorways are […]

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10 things I’m thankful for:

10 things I’m thankful for: 10.  crockpots (from all that “stuff” came a tasty dish without the work!)  9.  Koda (my miniature schnauzer)  8.  Furniture-sized sliding coasters (for moving dressers and even book cases!)  7.  Speed Dialing (ordering tomato and cheddar soup with strawberry sweet bread couldn’t be easier)  6.  Garages (they cover, protect and occasionally hide your […]

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Swimming Lessons

   I am taking swimming lessons.  After years of sitting beside the pool and occupying beach chairs, I’m diving in!  (Well, maybe not diving.) At $25.00 for a 30-minute splash license, I am now “gliding” and “kicking” from one end of the pool to the other–after only two lessons!  Oh did I mention the waist […]

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Lord, no more!

Boy, was this a stressful week.  It started Monday morning about 3 a.m. with a text message from my oldest daughter (Amy) wanting me to let her in the house.  In the house I thought?  She is supposed to be at WKU, three hours away.  I went to the door and sure enough there she stood.  […]

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Truly Thankful

Around Thanksgiving time, the “holiday season” begins. By Thanksgiving Day, we are so caught up in the Christmas rush that often the true meaning of Thanksgiving is overlooked. Oh sure, there’s the turkey dinner, the parades and football games on TV, and a long vacation from school or work; but the real observance of being thankful […]

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Countdown to Christmas!

Today officially begins my Christmas count down.  Why?  (It’s extremely spiritual.)  Today (Sunday, November 16) begins the “25 Days to Christmas lineup movies” on ABC Family.  This means that I am able to see some of my favorite seasonal movies of all time!  In just a few days, I’ll put up my Christmas decorations and prepare for […]

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Sorting Limitations

 I like compartments.  It does not matter the type-as long as I can separate and sort, I’m loving it!  My dresser, for example, is tall and has several drawers.  There are two just for socks and others that allow me to gather items quickly whenever I need them. Even in my closet, I have cubby […]

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What a time to get sick!

This week was the Kentucky Baptist Convention.  My husband and I have been looking forward to this for awhile now.  Not only were we able to part of the KBC process, but we were actually going to get time away-ALONE!  We had got on the internet and found a 4 star hotel for a 1 […]

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Caught Unaware

My husband manages the local water district and last week he was called out to repair a main water line.  A local farmer decided it would be a good time to clean out his pond, but while using machinery, he hit the water line and it burst.  That in itself is not that unusual or earthshaking.  […]

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Crossover was held in Lexington this past weekend.  According to Ross Bauscher, team leader of the Evangelism Team and organizer/facilitator of Crossover efforts, there were seven different Crossover sites on Saturday.  I had the privilege of working with Pam Pyle, Missionary Associate, of the Elkhorn Baptist Association.  Pam and other volunteers of the Elkhorn Association […]

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