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Kentucky Evangelism Conference: women’s emphasis

 Hello ladies!  I’m excited about Kentucky-wide events.  God is providing various opportunties for us to come together.  Please take a look at the calendar in the left-hand side bar for details. As you make plans, I invite you to attend Kentucky Evangelism Conference, which will be held at Porter Memorial Baptist Church in Lexington, KY, […]

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Share the Praise!

A couple of weeks ago, a good friend sent me a text, sharing the praise of how God had specifically answered and made an issue so plain.  As I was driving when my phone toned the annoying jingle alerting that a text had been received.  (I really do need to change that tone.) I continued driving […]

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Coming Out of the Fog

For the past 7 or 8 months, I’ve lived in a numb, hazy state of existence.  In June 2008, I was busy making preparations for my son’s wedding.  I was also taking my husband for doctor appointments and tests almost weekly to determine why he felt so sluggish.  Then, on the week of the wedding […]

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Climb Higher

 This past Christmas, I assisted the media crew in setting up for the Christmas program at church.  We hung lights, speakers, and other technical equipment needed for the production. Somehow, I drew the short straw, which resulted in being the chosen one to climb the height of the gymnasium in the Genie, the lift. With […]

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Getting Rid of the Clutter

I was searching for something in the area beneath my bathroom sink.  I found all sorts of bottles of lotions, body scents, and hair products just sitting there taking up space and collecting dust!  I grabbed a garbage bag and started dumping the products I have not used in over a year (and many I’m […]

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There Is Only One

 Two years ago, I had the privilege (for lack of a better word) of crossing the Bay Bridge in Maryland.  I was in the car with two KBC colleagues and a driver when we simply “rolled” up to the bridge and kept going! Without warning, preparation or discussion, the driver continued to talk as we rolled […]

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New to the blog?

 Hello!  Last week I offered information regarding responding to a post or “commenting” on a post that you have read here. I left out one important detail:  you will need to register, creating a password, before you can comment.  In addition to commenting privileges, if you register, each time a new post is added, you […]

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Off to Boot Camp!

Well, my 6’2″ baby is gone off to boot camp.  We took him Dec. 29th.  Before we dropped him off we went to eat at one of his favorite restaurants.  I was nice having all six of us sitting down to eat together.  The children started trying to guess how long it would take before […]

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You and Your Girl Rally–contact information provided

“You and Your Girl” on Saturday, April 18 at 8:00am. Event: You and Your Girl “An unforgettable Mother/Daughter Day” What: Rally Host: You and Your Girl in Elizabethtown, Ky April 18, 2009 Start Time: Saturday, April 18 at 8:00am End Time: Saturday, April 18 at 5:00pm Where: Severns Valley Baptist Church   Contact Info Phone: […]

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Between Us Ministers’ Wives (March 12-13) and Living Proof Live for Ministers’ Wives (March 13-14)

Between Us Ministers’ Wives is a conference for wives of ministers.  Whether your husband is a pastor, youth minister, music minister, etc., this conference is just for you. Spend the weekend with other ministers’ wives at “Between Us Ministers’ Wives” (March 12-13) and stay for Beth Moore’s ‘Living Proof Live for Ministers’ Wives” (March 13-14).  […]

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