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Written by Joy Harris, guest blogger  (Scripture Reference: Matthew 17:14-21, ESV) For countless years I have always heard the saying, “I’m stuck between a rock and hard place.” For many of us, we use this saying to articulate our unfavorable position in a trying circumstance when our options are slim to none. The Holy Spirit […]

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Walking To Better Health

Walking can be a simple way to get moving into the direction of better health.  Did you know that more than half of your muscles are designed for walking?  It’s true! Start small by doing some practical things such as parking further away from the door (just about any door).  Make a list of grocery […]

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Dealing with Devastation

Devastating hurricanes, massive floods, terrorist attacks, plane crashes, fires, ice storms…so much turmoil in people’s lives.  Many are displaced for weeks, months, even years … their lives turned upside down.  The news reports keep us informed for days on end, but depending on the scope of the tragedy, the story gets relegated to less and less […]

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The Role of A Life-Time

One morning while preparing breakfast, I was jolted back from the rhythmic scrambling of egg whites, cheese and spinach by the words, “if you look like Jesus…” I peered around the corner as I continued to scramble my egg concoction, to hear AND see what in the world “that” was about.  Apparently, there is a casting […]

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The “Every Day Thing”

 Hello ladies!  I hope that your Valentine’s weekend was spectacular.  If it wasn’t…well, as someone said, “it’s over! Now it’s on with the next thing.” As you consider the “next thing,” I trust that you will allow the Holy Spirit to direct your steps.  Let’s take in the moments, not rushing through life, to build […]

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Having a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Every year February 14 is set aside to show your loved one how much they mean to you.  There are flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, jewelry and millions of cards purchased every year.  But soon the flowers die, the chocolate is gone, cards thrown away and stuffed animals set in the corner….then what? Valentine’s Day should […]

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Be Mine

There is a kind of sweetness to the passing of a Valentine’s Day card between childhood friends. Many kids (including myself) spent hours picking out just the right message. I remember days of candy shaped hearts, heart-shaped stickers, cards with “Be Mine” scratched in pencil and teachers passing out sugar cookies as we left the […]

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Ice Storm!

This past week has been difficult for so many people in Kentucky!  An ice storm knocked out power all across the state.  My community was particularly hard hit and many residents are still without electricity and have limited water supply. My own power was off and on for four days and we have no back […]

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4th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference at Cornerstone University

It’s the 4th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI.  The keynote speaker will be Dee Brestin, including 12 workshops!  For complete details click here

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 Thank you for joining us again.  It is always a pleasure to have you blog with us.  May your week be filled with touches of God’s love, reminders of how important you are in His plans, and the awesome privilege of serving Him through touches you give as you go. Remember, it’s all about Jesus […]

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