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To the King of Glory

  Ladies, “the grace of our Lord was poured out on (us) abundantly, along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 1:14).  Let’s remember this in the upcoming days leading to Resurrection Day.  Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible the only God, be honor and glory for ever and […]

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 I was driving one day and noticed a little girl with her Mom in a school yard.  The mother (who had her back turned to the little girl) was talking to someone while her two or three year old daughter attempted to step from the school’s driveway up to the curb. With wobbly legs, she […]

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A Legacy Worth Leaving

Written by Lauren Helfenbein, Guest Blogger This past summer I had the great benefit of attending a family reunion.  My mother, aunt, and cousins had worked for months to bring our whole family together for a fun-filled, memory making weekend in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.  It was wonderful to see familiar faces, […]

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God’s Pleasure

 An acquaintance ran in a local race a couple of weeks ago. After finishing (in record time), he crossed the finished line second. Later that morning, as we stood talking, he looked a little disappointed. He made a statement that spoke to my heart, on various levels. He said, “I am disappointed…not so much about […]

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Where could I go?

  My husband’s cancer has returned.  In less than 3 months, the horrifying disease has once again reared its ugly head.  Since it came back so quickly and in multiple spots, the doctor’s choice of treatment is agressive chemo therapy followed by a bone marrow transplant.  What a daunting prospect!  Tom’s entire immune system will […]

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Fragrance of Christ

 Garbage has a way of “talking” when it needs to be thrown out.  Last week, a friend dropped by and upon coming through the door asked, “what’s that smell?”  I have to admit that I smelled it upon entering myself, but failed to take it out immediately. You see if you do not remove the odor, you can […]

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My prayer for you

 Hello friends!  Thank you for joining us again.  Here is my prayer for you this week: “May you experience God’s presence in a fresh and powerful way.  As you meditate on His Word, talk to and listen to Him, and look for ways to share Him, I ask that He renew the faith of one who […]

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Letting them grow and go

Today is my oldest son’s 20th birthday!  I can hardly believe he is twenty!!  I wish I could see him and tell him Happy Birthday, but he is still at boot camp.  Time really does fly.  It seems like yesterday he was just a little baby and I was twenty (I guess that pretty much […]

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Place of Solace

As a little girl, I remember finding comfort and safety places–my places of solace– where I would go to be alone with God.  One place was on top of the empty gas tank next to our house. (The house once belonged to my great grandmother, and some things daddy didn’t have carted off.) I spent […]

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10 things not to do during worship

  Hello ladies.  As I sit to “pen” my thoughts, for some reason, I am thinking about worship this morning.  It was awesome!  God’s presence was felt, and I was moved to another realm in my spirit, as I got lost in the music.  Then it happened…the pop pop pop of someone’s gum.  Maybe it […]

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