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Forever Faithful

 I saw a rainbow the other day.  It was while I was busy with event details the day before the Senior Living Celebration at Rich Pond in Bowling Green, Kentucky. As I walked from the Fellowship Hall toward the Sanctuary, it was as if God (in the quietness of my Spirit) said, “Look.” I turned […]

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Taking Care of You

Written by Cheryl Erwin, Guest Blogger As women and then as leaders in our churches and communities, we are used to taking care of everyone and everything else. We sincerely want to “be there” for our loved ones and be good Christian witnesses in our world of influences. But who is taking care of you? […]

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 As a child, I remember being picked for certain things because of physical features.  For example, I remember being among the first picked during a game of dodge ball because of my height. I was often picked because of my long legs when teams were selected to race or during volleyball games in gym class. When […]

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Here comes Easter!

Today starts the beginning of our Easter traditions.  We are going dress shopping today, then tomorrow we will dye the eggs and go pick out that perfect ham.  At our house it also holds the telling of the miraculous resurrection of my Saviour. Have you ever noticed that the trees start budding leaves, flowers start  to bloom […]

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Like a Champion

   Slogans can inadvertently carry encouraging messages.  For example, a kid walked in church today wearing the typical jeans and t-shirt.  The message on the t-shirt was not typical.  “Act Like a Champion Today” was printed on the back. Lately, more often than not, I have been acting defeated instead of like a champion, living as if […]

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As I sit here writing this I am recovering from hernia surgery and my trip to South Carolina. What a week it has been. As many of you know we had been planning on going to Jordan’s Marine graduation for 3 months now. We had the plans made and bags packed, we were ready. Then […]

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