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In her honor…

 Paula Powell, my ministry assistant of five years, walked out of the building today for the last time as a Kentucky Baptist Convention employee. She decided (not today… a couple of months ago.  smile.) that it was time to enjoy her grand kids (quintuplets), her husband, other family members and have the freedom to volunteer […]

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Single to Single…

Lessons come and go; however, there are those that linger longer in your heart because of the situation, what may have been lost, or perhaps because of what God allowed you to discover–about YOURSELF. One recent heart-lesson will not soon be forgotten.  I had to “cast aside a weight” because he was (in the words […]

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Heart Reflections…

 My friend and KBC women’s ministry blog writer, Donna Coffey, has taken a momentary hiatus to walk with her husband through his  (their) cancer journey. Donna and I have partnered in women’s ministry for some time, starting after I enlisted her to lead a workshop during Super Saturday at least five years ago. As she continues […]

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Steps to Healthy Choices

 Lately, over the last nine months or so, I have intentionally tried to be a good steward of my body.  This translates to eating more vegetables, fruit, healthy nuts (rich in omega 3), increasing my intake of water and most importantly praying. As I pray my way through this thing called healthy choices, I find it […]

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Fallen, but not dead

On my way to work there is a tree that has had a big part of it split off from the main trunk.  One of the storms had caused the problem.  The part of the tree that is fallen is almost in the road, so I notice it everyday.  The other day I spotted leaves on […]

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Run Baby Run!

During a heart-to heart,  my best friend told me to “run, baby, run.”  I knew that she was right.  The flags were all around me.  (As a matter of fact, I was even wearing one!) Still I lingered, thinking that things would get better (or at least that’s the excuse I used that day). Why do […]

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 Growing up, one of the most popular phrases used was, “daddy (or mommy) I didn’t hear you.”  I was either distracted by play time, TV, or just caught up in the moment of childhood freedom.  (Between you and me…sometimes I heard him or her and just pretended otherwise.) Years later, I am learning that as […]

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Biggest Loser

    The Biggest Loser is one of my favorite shows.  In the last episode they had to carry the weight that they had lost over several hills, leaving some at the top of each and then throw the remainder of the weight over the edge of a cliff.  The release for them was incredible.  They […]

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