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Your Body Is Important to God!

Written by Cheryl Erwin, Guest Blogger God is the One who gave you the gift of life through your parents to be lived out in a physical body. God really cares about your body. You may find yourself thinking, “That isn’t a very spiritual statement.” However, the Bible teaches us that when a person becomes […]

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Emotional Effect On Your Spiritual Health

Written by Cheryl Erwin, Guest Blogger Because we are made in the image of God, we have emotions. God created us with the capacity to love, to be angry, to grieve, etc. Can you imagine living life without feeling it? By giving us the ability to do so, God allows us to enjoy a deep […]

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What’s Your Music?

 Aerobics is one of my favorite hobbies-especially step aerobics.  It can be fun, motivational, and challenging. Most days, I am excited to walk in, choose my step and select a spot in the mirrored room.  Other days, I literally drag in following a long day at work or in the mix of simply wanting to […]

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God’s Servant

 A couple of years ago, a friend gave me a picture frame with a poem enclosed.  The title of the poem is “You are God’s Servant” by Roy Lessin. In my line of work, it is easy to get lost in the responsibilities, overlooking this very important attitude AND position as God’s servant. You see, […]

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Safest Place

 Location, location, location!  Anyone in real estate can confirm the importance of location.  For example, a school district, parks, value of nearby houses and other things can affect the value of a house. Location is also important in other areas as well.  Let’s look at the position of earth.  In our entire solar system, there is only […]

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Learning something

I work at a hospital near where I live in the lab.  I am what people call the “vampire”.  Yes, I draw blood, a phlebotomist .  Things get pretty hectic at times so I always look forward to my lunch break.  I grab my Bible and head to the cafeteria.  I spend my whole break […]

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New patriotic feeling

Well, let me start off by apologizing for being late in posting.  I had such a wonderful surprise this week that I completely forgot!  My son, who as you know is in the Marines, flew in to surprise me with a visit.  It was so good to see him and see how much he has changed.  […]

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Strike Up the Band!

 Psalm 81 is a festival song.  Although it is not clear (according to some commentaries) whether the festival is Passover/Unleavened Bread, the Jewish New Year or the Feast of Tabernacles, it clearly shows the grand significance of Israel’s annual religious festivals over God’s acts. I can remember, as a high school student, being a part […]

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