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Breast Cancer Awareness

About two weeks ago, the Kentucky Woman’s Missionary Union offered pink cupcakes, pink “duckies” and handed out breast examination information to women in our building, encouraging regular examination to reduce breast cancer.  Is it that important?  YES! According to, statistics on breast cancer include: incidence in women in the United States is 1 in 8 (about […]

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Making the Shift

 Usually when I am asked to speak during an associational meeting, it means bringing words of “thanks” for giving to the Cooperative Program (CP), which is the Southern Baptist funding method for missions at the state, national and international levels. In Kentucky, CP funding supports the work done here at and through the Kentucky Baptist […]

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Project Success

 Sometime ago, a friend and I decided to make a window seat for our homes.  So, with our minds determined to complete the project, we headed to Lowe’s.  After talking with one of the associates (who assured us of our success), we purchased our wood; she purchased a saw, and I purchased a sander.  Then […]

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Living under God’s umbrella

My son bought a new truck a couple of months ago and now my husband has truck envy.  He wants a new truck (or new to us) really bad.  Today was my day off so he decided it would be the perfect day to go to Louisville and find his truck.  Someone forgot to tell […]

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Walking With God

 “You are arriving at your destination,” said the pleasant, British-accented male voice of my GPS (Global Positioning System).  So, I pulled in, looked around briefly and parked. “I’m out front,” I told the assistant, after putting the last item for my conference on the dolly.  The response was, “I don’t see you.” I looked around […]

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“You must teach your children”

Sunday was a wonderful day at our church.  We baptized 6 children and also had the Lord’s Supper.  It was a very special service.  My daughter was one of the children as well as my nephew.  These children had learned about the saving grace of our Lord and accepted Him as Lord and Saviour.  What […]

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