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Signs of Hope

Laura phoned the number she saw on a bumper sticker as she drove on the highway.  “Thank you for calling for spiritual assistance. My name is Shelly. How may I assist you today?” I answered. She stated that she was having a bad day and thought that she’d “give Jesus a try.”  (She actually had […]

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Gonna Be Nana Again

We have recently received the joyous news that we’re going to be grandparents again! Our son and his wife are expecting a baby in October.  We have such anticipation for this wonderful new addition to our family! Nearly 3 years ago when my first grandchild was born, I was in the delivery room with my […]

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In Sickness and In Health

Over 30 years ago I stood at a church altar and made vows to my wonderful husband, Tom.  We were in our mid-twenties, healthy, with our whole lives before us.  If truth be known, the “richer or poorer” line was probably the vow we gave the most thought to – that no matter whether we […]

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