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Grand time in Grand Rivers!

 This past weekend, I enjoyed Grand Rivers, the village between the lakes!  Located on Lake Barkley and the Kentucky Lake, Grand Rivers is indeed a village filled with authentic charm.  Moreover, the people of Grand Rivers Baptist Church provide an extra bit of charm and warmth themselves. Pastor Mark Gill invited me to speak this past Sunday during […]

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No Time Out…

 Sunday afternoon, as I spent the day with my sister and her family, we decided to finish the day off in the pool.  It began with a friendly game of volley ball.  So, with my life jacket snugly in place, my nephew and I went against my sister.  (My brother-in-law decided to be the “referee.”) About an hour later, my nephew decided […]

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It’s A Small World

For the past seven years, I have vacationed with my sister and her family.  We have cruised the Caribbean twice, flown to Aruba, and have visited Jamaica (three times).  As I type, I am in beautiful Costa Rica! Again, I am in awe of God’s creation.  Nevertheless, as only He can orchestrate, He brings the familiar […]

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Pimento Cheese, Tuna, and Rice Krispie Treats

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Rooster Crow Moments

When I am walking with the Lord, I am at peace.  My thoughts and actions reflect His ways, and I am soaring.  As good as this is, I still have times when I am so far from Him because of my sin.  What may have begun as one wobbly step in the wrong direction (a […]

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The Cross Says Jesus Loves Me

Last week my little granddaughter, Layla, was in the study rummaging through a bookshelf.  She found an old paperback with a stained glass window and a cross on the front cover.  She immediately said, “Nana!  This Jesus loves me!”  Out of the mouth of babes!  Such a profound theological idea proclaimed so simply! The cross  most certainly […]

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