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Give it to God

This week has been absolutely crazy!!    I went to work Saturday at the hospital, was there about 5 minutes when I felt faint.  My co-workers whisk me off to the ER.  Once you have had heart surgery and have any similar problem, you get priority, which was ok.  After my EKG they determined that I […]

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The Living Dead…in “Books a Million”?

She walked right in front of me….a 16 or 17 year old dressed as the “living” dead.  It was actually kind of eerie because the bullet really appeared to have penetrated her head, splattering blood across her face and leaving an open “wound.”  Her face was pale (from the makeup), and she wore a dress that […]

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Family pictures!!

Tomorrow we are finally getting our family pictures made.  I am soooooo excited.  For the first time ever I have asked a real photographer to take the pictures and not going to the mall or waiting for a church directory to get them done.  I want a family set, one of each child and Tom […]

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Work Zone Opportunities

 This weekend, I drove to a church to speak at their annual women’s conference.  Driving has become a part of what I do.  I do not always love to drive, but it’s a necessity if I want to get to where I need to be. As I tapped my fingers to the music and rehearsed […]

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Have Faith in God

Last week I shared the ups and downs of our battle with my husband’s lymphoma.  Next week we find out if the cancer has returned.  It’s been a difficult couple of weeks, to say the least. This past Sunday, the congregational hymn at church was “Have Faith in God” written by B. B. McKinney (who wrote […]

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Goals to Grow By

 Last week, I shared my top five values, following a workshop that I attended.  For those who missed the blog post or care to be reminded, they were:  faith, family, health, education and finances. As I continue to put into practice what I learned during the workshop, I want to share a short term and a long term […]

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The Cancer Rollercoaster

The cancer journey for the patient and loved ones is certainly an up and down path.  One moment you’re at the top with good news and hope (treatments are working, cancer’s in remission, etc.) only to plunge downward in unexpected twists and turns! A year ago my husband and I moved to Nashville while he underwent […]

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Managing Life’s Priorities

Over the weekend, I traveled to attend a workshop this past Monday, October 4.  The workshop, “Managing Multiple Priorities,” was led by a Christian trainer who did an outstanding job delivering the subject matter.  About 10 minutes into his presentation, he expanded the workshop title to “Managing Your Life’s Priorities.” One of our assignments was […]

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