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Fountain of Living Water

  As I strolled the mall, there were so many people…so many faces.  I don’t know why I looked her way, but there she was, about 8 or 9 years old, sitting beside the water fountain with her head bowed.  It was a momentary notice.  I saw her face tilt upward–bright with the hope of an answered […]

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Thanksgiving and Beyond

Last week, I didn’t post on my usual date (Sunday or sometimes Monday) because I was out of town.  I had been out of town for the past seven days–only to return and head out again the very next day.  It was a busy time. This week, I am on vacation and considered not posting.  We […]

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Chicken Fat

In the mid ’60s when I was in Junior High, I was part of LaRue County’s Physical  Fitness team.  We were one of the first school districts to embrace President Kennedy’s push for exercise and physical education in schools. We would travel throughout our region of Kentucky performing at PTO  meetings and even appeared on a Louisville […]

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‘Happy Birthday’ Memories

My birthday was Monday, November 8.  How old am I?  Well, let’s just say that I have been in the double digits for awhile.  Smile. As expected, certain family members and friends either called, texted, sent cards and/or gifts.  Aside from this, it was a typical work day.  I had a follow-up site visit at a […]

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Life Interrupted….Again

   After more tests, it has been determined that my husband’s cancer has returned.  We are awaiting the results of a biopsy to confirm that it is the same type of lymphoma as before, then beginning the process of another bone marrow stem cell transplant.  Last year the doctors harvested, froze, and reintroduced Tom’s own […]

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Memorable Pampering

 It was a  Saturday with no engagements on the calendar for the weekend–a refreshing change.  I had just left the hair salon and was in desperate need of a mani/pedi. Instead of driving the five miles or so to my usual place in Oxmoor Mall, I decided to choose something different.  So, I said, “okay, Lord, […]

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