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Upcoming Facebook Page

Well, we are finally going to do it….launch a Kentucky Baptist Convention women’s Facebook page.  We hope to have it up by January 2011. This Facebook page will be a place where largely Kentucky Baptist women’s leaders (of various roles) can connect to share leadership tips, ideas, promote events, encourage each other, etc.  Nevertheless, we want […]

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“Weigh-in” on Goals

A couple of months ago, I shared my top five values:  faith, family, health, education and finances.  In a later post, I shared a couple of goals–short range (three months) and long range (a year) goal based on my health value.  Well, it is time to “weigh-in” on my progress. My short-range goal (three months) was:   […]

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Doing Life Together

Tracy and LaVerne are definitely an unlikely “pair” in our day.  Nevertheless, they are doing life together as mentee and mentor through the women’s ministry of Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, as more and more churches follow Titus 2. LaVerne (the mentor) is 91 years of age and still living life to its fullest.  Tracey (the mentee) is […]

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Mending Fences

The title caught my eye, calling me to read the article in the Courier-Journal this morning. Winfrey and Franzen mend fences on ‘Oprah’.  (Actually, only two words stood out…mend fences.” So I continued to read.) Although Franzen appeared on her show Monday because his new book, “Freedom,” was chosen for her book club, nine years […]

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Just for Fun

As a kid, I remember playing dress-up dolls.  I would have so much fun changing their outfits.  Who knew what I was being groomed to do one day.  “Koda” is my salt and pepper-colored, miniature Schnauzer, and she’s 13 years old.  I received her two months before her ninth birthday. Four years ago this past […]

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