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Tuesday is the day!

I joined a gym back a few months ago.  Having had bypass surgery in August and being overweight, I was told I needed to lose weight.  I know me and know that just by joining a gym that would not be good enough, so I hired a personal trainer to meet with me three days […]

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Sweetest Fragrance

As I left the exercise room, a mixed group (female and male) passed me by.  At that moment, I smelled a surprisingly sweet aroma. Someone had recently put a piece of gum or candy in her/his mouth. The sweet smell carried me back to a mission trip in Greece a few years ago.  A couple […]

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You never know what tomorrow holds

First let me apologize for being off last month and for being a day late.  These last few months have been very difficult for me.  I have really learned the meaning of  “you never know what tomorrow holds”. I lost my father at the beginning of the year.  It was a difficult thing to go […]

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“New” Taste Buds

The other day, I ate a K C donut–the only name/reason to EVER eat a donut! (Complete name not used purposefully.)  After the second bite, I noticed a “film” of sorts on the roof of my mouth.  The more bites….the heavier this “film.”  (I mean I had to keep eating to see if the film would […]

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Going It On Our Own

… but did not inquire of the Lord.  Joshua 9:14  How many times do we jump into things without consulting God and then get into trouble?  In the Old Testament, Joshua was deceived by a group of people who intentionally set out to dupe him.  These people, who lived only a short distance from Joshua, […]

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Following His Lead

Yesterday, I saw The Adjustment Bureau featuring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.  I was surprised by an answer Anthony Mackie’s, an “adjuster” (and “angel” of sorts) in the movie, character made in response to Damon’s character.  When Damon asked Mackie why he cared and inquired about his “emotions,” Mackie’s response, loosely paraphrased, was:  “we have […]

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The Sensationalism of Sin

It seems that recently every newscast on every form of media reports on the latest celebrity scandal and their lives spiraling out of control.   The broadcasts tend to slant the subject matter to seem almost glamorous and awe-inspiring rather than the pitiful state the person finds themselves in.  This is called sensationalism.  According to, […]

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