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My goodness the temperatures have been scorching this month!  I break out into a sweat just going from my house to my car.  I have just been diagnosed with asthma and this weather is not helping my breathing at all!  I saw on the news where they fried an egg on the sidewalk!  Now that […]

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Shopping Bag Lesson

She walked into the center with a plastic shopping bag tied in a single knot.  When she approached the table, the woman, who had been busy counting items, looked up and asked her if she had what she needed. You see, we had been putting items in the same type of shopping bag for many […]

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No Assembly Required

Yesterday, I purchased a bike rack for my car.  As I sat on my living room floor, I was excited about the possible riding adventures ahead.  There really was no assembly required as indicated on the box.  So, I set the rack aside and opened the instructions booklet.  My excitement bubble began to deflate as […]

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Jesus Paid It All

Debt.  It’s all over the news these days.  The President and Congress are bickering over the national debt.  Not only the government, but individuals as well are drowning in debt!  Houses are being foreclosed at record rates.  Credit cards are maxed out.  Mortgage payments stretch budgets to the breaking points.  We are a nation sinking […]

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Sometimes, God reframes our thinking before He changes the situation.  Recently, I was faced with a situation that involved fervent prayer.  This past Friday, God spoke to me:  “You have justifiable  feelings, but you acted too hastily.”  As soon as I applied His words to my situation, following His instructions, a peace that surpasses all understanding covered my heart. […]

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At War

War.  The very word brings to mind images of soldiers in battle or terrorists flying airplanes into skyscrapers.  I often use the term to describe what is happening in my husband’s body while he goes through the aftermath  of his bone marrow stem cell transplant.  The stem cells he was born with are waging war against the […]

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