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Super Ladies on a Super Saturday

Many thanks to the women who attended Super Saturday and chose workshops in the Women’s Ministry track at Severns Valley Baptist Church–Elizabethtown, August 27. We offered two morning and six afternoon workshops in the Women’s Ministry Track.  See pictures below!    From left to right:  Sharon Coomer, Priscilla Colston, and Nicole Coomer.  Not shown are Shy Rice, Susan Babb, […]

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Women’s Conference with Angela Thomas

Presented by FBC Madisonville, Madisonville, Kentucky.  To register or receive more information, call the church office at 270-821-3611 or go to

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It was right there…a butterfly band aid across the top of her nose.  People tried to walk by without staring, but admittedly, it was a little difficult. “Thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart,” she said as each customer walked by, making eye contact without a care in the world—seemingly.  Flashing a glance at her, each person […]

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What….What? Can’t hear you!

Last Saturday my husband and youngest two children were headed to Lexington for some school shopping.   On the way I got a phone call from a strange number, when I answered it I heard some of the sweetest words “Hey mom”!  For those of you who don’t know my oldest son is a Marine […]

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Does Anything Stay the Same?

I sometimes use clothespins to seal up bags of chips.  This morning one was laying on a table and my granddaughter wanted to know what it was.  As I was explaining it to her I realized she had no idea how it could be used to hang up clothes!  A “clothes dryer” when I was […]

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Back to School

Walk into any store and you’ll be bombarded with “Back to School” deals this time of year. Soon the big yellow buses will be rambling down the streets and roads transporting students to school.  Teachers and students will soon be filling the hallways of schools all over the nation.  As a former teacher, there’s just something exciting about […]

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Never Beyond Repair

Have you ever noticed damage of some kind and wondered what happened?  I was in a hotel elevator recently and noticed damage to the elevator door.  I immediately began to examine it more closely, wondering how in the world that happened.  (Thankfully I was in the elevator alone.) A few weeks ago, I noticed a […]

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