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Women’s Conference at Watson Memorial Baptist Church

Watson Memorial Baptist Church will hold their Women’s Conference “Service and Sacrifice” Friday, November 4 through Sunday, November 6.  For more information or to register, dial 502-499-9901 or go to

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Heart Offerings

When I was four years old, I spent most days with Granny (my father’s grandmother) who was 91 years old.  While mom and dad went to work and sissy (nick name for my sister) went to school, Granny and I had fun-filled days.  (At least that’s how I remember them!) Sometimes, my Aunt Annie would […]

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Evil Lurking About

The temperatures have been very comfortable here in Kentucky for the past few weeks.  At night, I’ve been leaving my bedroom window cracked open a bit to enjoy the cool night air.  But having it open has also caused me to be awakened most nights with the eery howls of coyotes on our farm!  At […]

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Mighty Workmanship of God

I had the privilege of visiting the Great Smoky Mountains this past weekend.  What made it extra-special was sharing a cabin high in the mountains with 4 generations of my family, from my 6 month old grandson to my 81 year old father!  Such wonderful memories were made over a long weekend.  My 4 year […]

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