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Singin’ the single-blues?

In the middle of exercise class, the Holy Spirit convicted me of my words AND attitude earlier that day.  As I was talking to someone at work, I made a comment without thinking about how it could have been taken or who could have over heard.  Our team celebrates Christmas at our team leader’s house.  It […]

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Beyond Surface-level Christianity

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  I must have said that numerous times as a kid.  Sometimes (not too often) it made me “feel” better, but these words did not heal my wounded heart. As adults (larger versions of that wounded kid), we receive even more word-wounds, often […]

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What Happened to Thanksgiving?

Last week I was in a large department store looking for some Thanksgiving paper napkins.  I searched the store over for the Thanksgiving aisle, but there was none!  Of course, there were aisles and complete sections full of Christmas displays, but what about Thanksgiving?  Finally my daughter spotted a small 4 foot section in the back of the […]

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With All Your Heart

When my little granddaughter, Layla, or my tiny grandson, Ty,  lay their little heads on my shoulder and fall asleep, we are literally heart to heart.  The little heart beats its rhythm just inches from mine, pumping blood that can be traced back to me, passed on from my children.  Blood of my blood.  Heart of […]

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Window Panes

Window panes are often designed to showcase the house and allow proper light.  They can also be defining when it comes to resale. As I reflect on my life, especially today (my birthday), window panes popped in my mind, as I came heart-to-God’s face with how I have “shined” (Phil. 2:15) for Him over the years.  […]

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A Month of Thankfulness

Several of my Facebook friends have started posting something they are thankful for each day in November.  What a wonderful testimony to all who will read them!  A whole month of reflecting on our blessings!   First and foremost, I am thankful for my eternal security through my Savior, Jesus Christ!  Without Him, this life would […]

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