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Welcome Center

It was her first time in our Sunday school class. (At least it was my first time seeing her there.) So, I purposed in my heart to introduce myself to her after class, which was my way of including her. As I walked out of class with a couple of friends a tad later, I […]

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Project More Women

Does your women’s ministry have an event or project that is definitely evangelistic?  Then Project More Women may be for you! Project More Women is our spring evangelistic thrust and will span the days of March 3 thru May 19.  The plan is simple: Submit (upload) the project as Project Captain Enlist volunteers to sign up […]

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Longing for God

“Stay alive….no matter what it takes…I will find you! Wherever you go….no matter how far….no matter how long.…I will find you! I will find you!” Those were the words spoken to by the main character to his love interest in the Last of the Mohicans. The water fell around them as they stood in a […]

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Taking time to “see” people involves just that…time.  When you “see” someone, you have to invest–yourself (using your God-given gifts) and your time. Seeing them means you might need to stop and listen because they need to talk. The discussion doesn’t have to be important or even heavy.  Perhaps the person simply appreciates the listening […]

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Christian Pride

February 12th is the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.  The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site is less than 2 miles from my home.  Most days I pass by the entrance to what us locals call “Lincoln Farm” on my way to various destinations. Because I’ve grown up here and have been saturated with Lincoln history, I rarely […]

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Royal Blood

For my dad’s 82nd birthday, I dove into our family tree and researched our branches as far back as they could take me.  Some only went back 5 or 6 generations, but it was exciting to find out the immigrant who made his or her way to America and his/her country of origin. The most […]

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