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His name is Omar, and we met him while on vacation.  As we gathered in the hotel lobby for a cab ride into town, he simply strolled over and started talking.  My brother-in-law asked how long he had worked at this hotel, and my sister and I asked about his family.  We listened. At some […]

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Seven Simple Suggestions for Hassle-Free Home Improvements by Daphne Freeman (Guest Blogger)

Home improvement projects can offer years of enjoyment and make great investments –especially for homeowners looking to fix up a new home purchase or increase their homes’energy efficiency. To make valuable renovations to their homes, consumers must be focused and patient in order to make good decisions that impact the value of their homes while […]

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A Critical Spirit

Over the last few weeks, God has been revealing to my husband and I the importance of not having a critical spirit. We are homeschooling parents and are guilty of being critical of our children. Although we have their best interests in mind, it is easy to cross the line of constructive criticism and just […]

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The Guarantee

As I reminisce about the first glimpse of my oldest nephew, Roger II, it was love at first sight.   Thirteen years later, I remain humbled by the return of his love and keenly aware of the expanded love that I have for him. A few years ago, I began vacationing with my sister, her husband […]

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A Day of Prayer and Fasting

Let’s bear one another’s burdens.  Set aside a day of prayer and fasting for someone, as God leads and you are medically able.  To God be the glory!

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Forever Faithful

It was a quick glance and then a tad longer.  There it was…in the distance…a faint rainbow—covered partially by gray clouds just after the rain.  I was driving.  So, a prolonged look was not an option.  Nevertheless, in that sweet moment, God whispered, “Even when you do not feel me or at times, sense me, […]

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