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Happy New Year!

As I type, only a few hours of 2012 remain.  For some, the end of 2012 could not arrive quickly enough.  It has been a difficult year for various reasons. For others, the beginning of a new year brings fears, doubts and unutterable longings of the heart.  The “what-ifs” of another year are almost breath-taking. […]

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Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,  Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests (Luke 2:13-14). This advent, we remember Hope, Peace, Joy and this day…Love.  Because Christ came the first time, we can live with hope, peace, joy, and […]

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Under Construction..

In light of the tragedy that happened on the 14th, my heart has been  heavy for our children. About a year ago, I read a blog on the importance of praying God’s Word over our children. At the time, I thought that I had taken it seriously. It prompted me to write out some Scriptures that […]

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As we continue to walk this Advent season, the third candle of “joy” shines brightly or does it?  We can easily get bogged down by the Christmas parties, shopping, traveling and so on that our joy gets squashed! Let’s try to remain focused this Christmas on the Source of our joy….Christ Jesus our Savior and […]

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Dear Santa, Sorry my list is kind of long this year….

I have mixed emotions about this time of year. I love the idea of giving, the time spent with family and celebrating Jesus’ birth. However, mixed in with all of the good cheer, there is a distinct air of the “gimmes”. Commercials are everywhere, plastering society with the next best thing that we have to buy […]

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The Greatest Gift

‘Tis the season for giving and receiving gifts!  Under my Christmas tree are numerous festive packages, all waiting to be ripped opened to discover the mysteries inside!  It’s exciting to see the faces of those we love light up when they open a cherished gift.  It’s can also be breathtaking to unwrap something special chosen especially for us, […]

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All the Single Ladies

Our single status can open many doors.  Doors for ministry and pouring one’s whole heart into God-ordained moments are among the most exciting and fulfilling for me as a single lady. Nevertheless, we single ladies have to be on guard–especially with the opposite sex.  For example, from my perspective, when I am talking to another […]

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Advent, which starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, can last 22 to 28 days, depending on when Christmas falls.  Celebrating Advent helps us put and keep Christ in the center of the Christmas season. Last week, the candle of Hope (the first candle) was lit as we began the celebration journey.  This week, we […]

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Feed the Sheep

This week prompted a change of thought at our church. Our church, like many others around the country, is working on its budget for the next year. A small ministry we have started with our youth was up for its consideration on the budget docket. This ministry is a food delivery service where our youth […]

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Confessions of a Homeschooling Mama

Our days in the Hensley household consist of making meals, cleaning up meals, homeschool lessons, art projects and bath times! I bet that sounds like a lot of you Mama’s out there as well! I could write a book on our crazy days. My six have taught me more than I could ever begin to […]

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