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Our Risen Savior, Jesus Christ!

Luke 24 But on the first day of the week, at early dawn, they came to the tomb bringing the spices which they had prepared. 2 And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb, 3 but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.4 While they were perplexed about this, behold, two men suddenly stood near them […]

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Resurrection Power

It’s Holy Week and in a few more days many of us will gather in worship to give praise to our risen Savior!  My biggest burden, some will understand the gravity of resurrection Sunday and others will merely claim they understand.  I don’t stand in judgment to their blindness, but as one with a broken […]

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How Psalm 37:3-8 Can Teach Us to Live a Joyful Life

  How Psalm 37:3-8 Can Teach Us to Live a Joyful Life These verses have meant a great deal to me for years, beginning with church camp near Milford, Nebraska in 1966. Each verse is a powerful sermon in of itself regarding godly and joyous living. In each successive post, I will write about each […]

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Up for the Challenge

My heart is bursting from how God is working through this blog! It seems that every week we are adding new gals to the Crosseyed Living Clan! Loving it! It is so encouraging to see other women be transparent in their walk with the Lord. We need that right? For the last 10 weeks, I […]

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Another Introduction….

As I drove along the winding, country road, I was excited about my visit with Miranda Sharp. We had been communicating via email and Facebook, but now I was heading to west Kentucky for blog training. This young pastor’s wife and mother of one (for now) is such a breath of fresh air.  She has her […]

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Project More Women

Hi ladies! Project More Women is underway, and you still have the opportunity of reaching your community for Christ!  Simply pray about the evangelistic project that God would have you and your ladies submit or select from those listed on line.  Then choose your date, enlist your voluteers, be trained in HeartCall, and prayerfully conduct […]

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Just Keepin’ it Real…

I have been so excited to start blogging with you ladies, but I have to confess the tendency I have to behave like a hamster in one of those wheels of perpetual movement!  Jumping off the wheel and stopping the unending crazy cycle sometimes gets the best of me.  My need for doing things with […]

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Our Newest Blog Writer

She looked familiar, but as we sat in Panera Bread, I could not place her. Nevertheless,  there we sat–like school girls, sharing our hearts. Kelli Estes, pastor’s wife, mom, speaker, and skilled as a nurse is one of those people who sees beyond who you are, your color, or even what you may have done […]

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A love that never lets go!

A love that never lets go…a love that never asked to be held onto or to hold…it just does… God’s love will hold you when you want to let go of it.  It will allow you to walk away, come back, walk away, come back…it will even allow you to work that cycle for weeks […]

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A Work in Progress

My husband and I are homeschooling parents as many of you know and sometimes our little ones blow us away with their insight. Last week, I was presented with a question by one of my children. One of my girls asked, “The Bible doesn’t answer ‘every’ question I have, so how will I know?” Good […]

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