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Something New

Isaiah 43:19(NLT) 19 For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. Over the last two years I have been praying that the Lord would use me to help other women […]

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My sister and I have always had a close relationship.   We have spent so much time together through the years.   The bond is strong. The other day, we were having one of our typical conversations as she was driving with my 14 year-old nephew in the car.  Although she and her family live in […]

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Is anyone besides me experiencing information overload?

Ironically, my little devotion for today was titled, “When You Are So Tired”.  I could not help but smile when I recognized God’s hand in this particular devotion crossing my path on one of my most exhausting days.  I am not even kidding…I had to skip church tonight, draw the line, and Go. To. Bed!  […]

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Psalm 37:3 TRUST

Psalm 37:3 TRUST Psalm 37 is different than many of the other psalms because it is composed of a series of proverbs, making it a Wisdom Psalm. This is the first in a series of blog regarding the teaching and application of verses 3 – 8. Today, we will examine verse 3. (I have chosen […]

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Riding in the Passenger Seat

Today I gained a chauffeur!  Now that sounds all glam if you are rolling through the hills of Hollywood, but folks we are rockin’ it out in rural KY with three red-lights.  Lol My daughter turned 16 on Monday and today she successfully passed the exam to obtain her driver’s permit.  How can this be?  […]

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Obedience vs. Disobedience

When we choose disobedience over obedience, over time we will become desensitized. Our conscience will be unable to detect His stirrings. So even when God is speaking, our hardened hearts will be unable or too rebellious to sense the Holy Spirit speaking to us. The conviction is easily discarded and we begin to even misinterpret […]

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Taking Time

My sister is a part-time worship leader at her church.  It’s a responsibility that she enjoys and finds fulfilling.  Although she is often tired on weeks where she rehearses the choir and prepares the worship team music set, Chiquita is the first to say, “I love what God allows me to do.” Well, this past […]

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Live with Urgency

I am currently teaching a women’s Bible study on Sunday nights, and as I was studying this past week, something I knew so well stopped me in my tracks.  I was pouring over Scripture and history, and the fact that the New Testament writers viewed Christ’s return as imminent settled into my heart.  This belief […]

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Is the Standard Too High?

We are living in a culture where sin is accepted and even legalized, but we are not the first people who have been surrounded by darkness.  Every civilization has endured the same struggles.  From the Old Testament, to the early church, to America today, there is no new sin.  Yet, when I log in to […]

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