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He Gave Thanks

  Jesus was thankful. Creator, King of Kings, our Great High Priest. He could have spoken anything he desired into existence. All that is, already fully belonged to Him. But when he broke bread, this Living Bread stopped to give thanks. When He fed the thousands from a tiny lunch, he prayed and blessed and […]

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A Mind Like His

Every now and then, I take a class that just grips me at my core. A few semesters ago I was blessed to be under the teaching of Dr. Ben Gutierrez. He wrote a book titled, “Living Out the Mind of Christ.” If you have an opportunity to get a copy, it is a must […]

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He Sees You

Years ago, when I lived in Atlanta, I set out on one of my favorite pass times—a trip to Cumberland Mall. This particular night, I noticed a crowd of people standing around an individual. I could tell this individual was someone important.  Ladies were pressing in toward him; others were holding out paper and pen, […]

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It was just about dark at Elkmont in the Smoky Mountains on a clear June night. There were 50 or so people sitting around on lawn chairs or blankets in the middle of the woods. Waiting. Chatting. Children fidgeting. Talking about cameras, and the best view. Wondering if the spot they had chosen was a […]

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Apples to Apples

There is just no comparison when it comes to gourmet apples vs. those little rinky dink things you get at the grocery store with red candy coating and nuts. I am preparing for a Sunday school picnic and I wanted gourmet style candy apples to share with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I got […]

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Who Is Your Neighbor?

Last week, my husband and I were blessed to attend the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.  While we were there, we met two very servant-hearted men:  James and Ivory.  Both went out of their way to make our stay at the Hyatt Regency in Houston enjoyable.  They didn’t just do their job.  They […]

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Praying Specifically

A week ago, I had the privilege of watching someone be baptized in a small creek beside an old country bridge. It was overwhelming to hear the birds sing along while the preacher prayed with his hand raised to heaven. The father of the newly saved was on the other side of him proudly assisting with his baptism. I watched […]

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Beyond Eye Level

The shoes made me at least two inches taller.  I felt as if I had tapped into a “higher” power because I was no longer at my normal eye level.  For example, the mirror where I stopped every morning was no longer at the “right” height. When I walked into the kitchen and opened my […]

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If You Weren’t Afraid

While sitting at my desk doing my Saturday bookkeeping, a morning news program going unnoticed on the TV behind me, I heard “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?”  Turns out this was a story about empowering women from a secular point of view. But nevertheless a good question for each of us, especially […]

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Born Again…

Below you will note an excerpt from the words written “In memory of Grandma” by my friend, co-worker, and sister in Christ. She was born on November 11, 1920. She was born again by the Spirit of God around 1936, and she has lived for Him as He has lived in her every day since. […]

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