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Happy New Year

Still in the shadow of Christmas, we look forward to a new year just hours away as  I type.  The year may not have been all that we wanted or planned, but God remains faithful.  So should we. As you review the past 365 days (including the remaining few hours of this last day), list […]

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Blooming in the Ordinary

Luke 8:38-39 38 The man who had been freed from the demons begged to go with him. But Jesus sent him home, saying, 39 “No, go back to your family, and tell them everything God has done for you.” So he went all through the town proclaiming the great things Jesus had done for him. The man […]

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Not the Christmas We Hoped For

For all my good intentions, early shopping, a pantry full of pecans and such, and even a new tree, this Christmas did not turn out as I had planned. You see, on the Saturday before Christmas, I came down with the flu. Now this is no whimpy 2-3 day flu. No. This is the hardy long-lasting […]

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This Christmas

The celebrations have begun! The Cantatas and Christmas Programs, the work parties, and family dinners are all underway. And along with it the stress of buying and wrapping and cooking and running all over the place, and wondering if you need to buy a gift for that person who may not even be at the […]

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Tis the Season to Celebrate the Birth of Jesus!

I am so excited about Christmas this year!  Well, I get excited about Christmas every year actually.  As I get older, I seem to get excited for different reasons though.  I have been reflecting back over the years and recalling to mind the many memories of Christmas’ past.  I have lived such a blessed life.  […]

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Christmas Fun

I’ve been wanting to write about Christmas here, but you know how it is this time of year…something keeps coming up. There are several serious issues that could be discussed on a blog at Christmas time: what to do about Santa? was Jesus really born in December? white lights or color? Real tree or fake? […]

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Winter Without Christmas

My husband and I are big C. S. Lewis fans.  In college, we had an entire class on C. S. Lewis and read many of his great works.  I even made Turkish delight for our class presentation.  It was a fun semester.  In Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” the evil White Witch, […]

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Simplicity and Sacrifice… Part A, by Nicole Coomer

The mission was simple.  The journey was sacrifice.  Elizabeth was to be the mother of the greatest one ever to be born.[1] The barren one was to bring forth the one who would cry out in the wilderness, proclaiming that salvation was here.  His name was to be John.  He will be great before the […]

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Like most of you, I made a trip last week to visit family in my childhood hometown, a drive that I only make a couple of times a year. Many things along this road seem to never change. Like the tiny towns with their Christmas decorations. Or the house on the right with all those junk […]

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Pondering Christmas

December is such a busy time for us all! I teach classes at a nearby college and the first half of the month is always a rush as the semester winds down and final exams are given.  Before I know it, Christmas is here and I wonder where did the month go?  How is that […]

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