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The Balancing Act

As a child one of my favorite board games was “Don’t Tip the Waiter.” There was a swinging cardboard waiter carrying a tray high above his head, and all the players would take turns piling various items of food on the tray, stacking and balancing it all just right so that they didn’t “tip the […]

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Once broken, but trying to keep it together ever since!

Brokenness is a precious place, a place where we finally see things as they truly are in our lives.  This is the place where authentic change takes place in the heart. As Christians we all have “that something” in our lives that led us to brokenness unto salvation.  For me it was prescription drug addiction […]

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Hide and Seek

Growing up, hide and seek was one of my favorite games.  It is best played in the evening for sure! You know the game.  Someone stands and counts to a certain number while the other kids scatter, hiding in places where they are least likely to be found.  The object (for the counter) is to […]

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Help! I’m Almost 40 and Still the Youngest Lady in My Church!

I cannot believe that I just described myself as “almost 40? just to get you to read today’s blog!  This statement was actually made by a PW friend of mine and she asked me to write my thoughts on the subject. (And for the record I am a very young 37!) As a new Pastor’s […]

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What to do…what to do…

I often remind myself of a dog chasing its tail or perhaps a one winged fly buzzing around in circles.  Either way, getting nowhere fast with zero accomplishment would best define such perpetual motion. I bet none of you ladies do this…  hehe Sometimes I get into situations where I’m confused with trying to figure […]

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Have you ever been more focused on something more than God?  In other words, have you longed for something or someone more than God?  I have.  Due to my immaturity, I did not understand just how close to failure (sin) I was teetering.  You guessed it.  Before I knew it, I was headlong in sin. […]

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Something Bigger Than Me

Finally! The most wonderful time of the year has arrived! No, I’m not referring to Christmas time or summer break… I’m talking about March Madness, Baby! I’ve been a college basketball fan my whole life, but until I moved to Kentucky almost 13 years ago, I had no idea. It’s been said that the state […]

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Big Bold Prayer Call!

I love to read and if you haven’t noticed I refer to the books I’m reading quite often.  God uses so many great Christian authors with gifted writing skills to help me “get” some of the points he wants to make in my life.  There is absolutely no substitute for His Word so please don’t […]

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From Guest Blogger, Nicole Coomer

Planting Seeds I am an avid gardener. I love planning and preparing the soil for spring. The highlight of the spring season for our family is planting day. It’s the day when we diligently make rows and place the seeds in the ground. The Coomer household has been blessed with four little disciples and that […]

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Standing In Awe

When my daughters were younger they played in a local community softball league every summer. It’s a “just for fun” league where everybody plays and coaches teach basic skills and sportsmanship. They loved every minute of it. The field is owned by a church and is located directly beside active railroad tracks. One of the […]

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