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Surprised by Answered Prayers!

Am I the only one that ALWAYS acts so surprised when God answers my prayers the way I want? I must confess it was those chickens again that got me thinking like this. I have been waiting and waiting for my hens to lay eggs and then yesterday my husband went to the coop only […]

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Walk with Her by Christel Taylor

A young single mother of three has been attending our church for a few months. One day I thought to my self, “Who is living life with her? Who is walking along side her and with her in the faith?” So one day I was able to spend some one-on-one time with her. While her […]

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Tick, Tick, Tick

The clock beside me is ticking, the oven timer is counting down,  and according to the local news we are losing one minute per day of sunlight.. I have been living life in turbo mode for the last few weeks. My middle man-child graduated on June 6th and my oldest man child married his best friend on June 7th, for those […]

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hypernikáo (‘nikao)

In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. – Romans 8:37   That strange Greek word means ‘more than conquerors’.  It’s one of the few greek words that mean something to me – maybe because it’s one of the few I actually know.  It’s important that you know how […]

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Where Is Your Focus?

I had an appointment with my eye doctor last week, because it had been a couple of years since my last check up.  If I’m honest, my vision also felt slightly worse, because my focus at a distance started getting fuzzy.  I was dealing with the minor disturbance of my eyesight; just kept telling myself […]

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A Messy Oven is a Sure Sign of Something Great Cookin’!

How many times have you baked a delicious cobbler or a super cheesy casserole only to peak through the oven door to find it bubbling over?  We all have!!!  I hate that mess and always have such dread just thinking about the task of cleaning my oven.  Actually, I don’t do it that often and […]

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Learning to Love the Process

There is a phrase that is well known in the adoption community:  “Learning to love the process.”  Many adoptive parents who have gone before in this journey will say this as well as those who have been in process for some time.  Admittedly, when I first heard this term, I found it odd and maybe […]

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It’s OK To Be a Princess

  It’s not clear when I abandoned the little girl dream of being a princess, but it happened.  I don’t think it was an overnight transition, it came slowly over time.  The pressures of difficult teenage years combined with my parents’ divorce and the need to grow up quickly left little room for princess dreams.  […]

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I have some amazing friends.  Some friends I only get to talk to over Facebook these days because we have moved to different cities.  Some friends I see as they make quick visits back home, but don’t get to spend time with them.  Other friends I laugh with, love on, talk to, and cry with […]

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Stretched Beyond the Limit

A few weeks ago my husband and I were headed to TN to take my daughter to a week long camp.  I had to stop for a bathroom break as usual.  I hurried back to the car and quickly plopped down in my seat only to feel and hear a ripping noise.  My jaw dropped […]

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