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Whatever You Do

The last month has been complete chaos.  I have driven roughly 3000 miles, spent 8 days in Guatemala leading a conference for women.  In the last three weeks, my daughter had her wisdom teeth out and due to an allergic reaction to her anti-biotic spent five days in the hospital.  I was six hours away […]

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Ever Since….

“Ever since I brought them from Egypt they have continually abandoned me and followed other gods.” –1 Samuel 8:8   It seems like the theme of my life this year has been God’s faithfulness. He is teaching me daily about His loyalty for His children and about how He keeps His promises. Even when doubt […]

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Anger is Always Buried Alive!

Anger will always rise from the grave because unchecked anger never truly finds a final resting place! It’s not really dead…it’s very much ALIVE! When I think of anger buried alive I get a visual of zombies rising from the grave (e.g., The Walking Dead) to roam around posing threats to any and everyone in […]

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  A few weeks ago, I raised our garage door and jumped into our Jeep. Without a thought (or looking) I began to backup until I heard that stomach dropping sound, “Crash!” It was our cast iron smoker. I had forgotten that my husband had prepared some amazing ribs outside the day before. There is […]

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Modesty…A Matter of the Heart

Thank you for your prayers last week during our Las Hijas del Rey Women’s conference in Guatemala.  It was amazing.  Four ladies accepted Christ and countless other women heard the truth of God’s Word and were challenged to live life as the Daughter’s of the Most High King. One of the sessions was regarding modesty. […]

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When All Our Scars Are Understood

The past few weeks I have been struggling. Struggling with situations, with people, with questions and answers, with life’s unknown. I almost feel guilty for even admitting that I have been struggling because only a few months ago I was writing a blog about how God is faithful. I am learning all the more about […]

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Today, I am in Guatemala with a team of 11 others. A year ago, we were asked by Pastor Alvaro and Senora Lety of Shalom Church in Guatemala City to host a conference for the women of Guatemala.   A year of planning and preparation has led us to today. I am simply asking you to […]

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Fancy Dishes…Best Gowns…and A “Lil Bit of Time

We are passing through and only have but one chance to live life to the full! We better make it count and by count I don’t mean cram another task in to make ourselves feel more accomplished along the way. We are to love God and love people first and foremost! Love comes only through […]

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(In honor of Pastor Appreciation Month) I recently spent several days at our annual church staff retreat.  The men spend two long days of prayer, juggling the calendar requests from the various ministries in the church for the next year, and planning how to effectively follow the Lord’s command to equip, evangelize and encourage.  A […]

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Climbing Mountains

Fear is a powerful thing. I should know. I’m realizing just how much it has held me captive in my life. Like many of you, I have long been motivated by fear. Motivated to keep out all that might harm. To take the safe path. This week my husband and I took our first ever […]

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