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Thanking Our Way Into Christmas

Yesterday was “Black Friday”.  If you are reading this, you survived!  In 33 years of married black Fridays, I have only participated in one – that was one too many.  I can honestly say there is no sale worth losing my witness or my sanity over.  I applaud you all that not only survive but […]

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Say My Name, Say My Name

My daughter will be one in eight days….ONE!  I really feel like someone has stolen time from me, and the thief won’t leave any time soon.  Well on top of that unbelievable circumstance, my daughter still won’t say “momma.” When she was about five months old, her first word was “dadda.”  I know what you’ll […]

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Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart!

Give thanks with a grateful heart Give thanks unto the Holy One Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son. Give thanks with a grateful heart Give thanks unto the Holy One Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son. And now let the weak say, “I am strong” Let the poor say, […]

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True Feminism

My mom, Kelli, usually posts weekly while I post once a month in her place, but today she has asked me to fill in for her an additional time. I honestly wasn’t ready or sure what direction I wanted to take on the spot so like any seventeen year old girl, I immediately asked a […]

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How Do You Smell?

Last night I was out eating at a local Mexican restaurant with my family, one of my favorite foods to eat. We had great food, nice service, and good company. When I got in the car after leaving the restaurant, I noticed a strong odor coming from my shirt. I had smelled it many times […]

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It’s Simple…..Obedience

Last week I began studying the Book of Ezekiel, I know, it seems kind of random.  I have been studying the bible verse by verse for years…I am down to a few books in the Old Testament.  I’m pretty sure Numbers will be last on the list. Ezekiel was given a difficult task.  He was […]

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Out of Tune

When you’re playing an instrument alone, you can be out of tune for a lone time and never notice… until you bring another instrument into the equation. Then all of the sudden, the sounds clash like the colors on the ugliest dress your Aunt Pearl has ever worn and you realize just how wrong you’ve […]

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Are You in the Game?

In honor of the World Series that just ended….. Anyone that’s known me for even a little while will learn quickly what is most important to me.   My top ten list would go as follows… Jesus Family Friends Church Job Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports I think I have my priorities in line, but as […]

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The Bent Spoon

  If you were to open the silverware drawer at my house on any given day you would likely find this bent spoon. It just keeps ending up in the drawer with all the other spoons. Our whole family notices the bent spoon every single time the dishwasher is unloaded yet we all continue to […]

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Unleashed to Pray and Fast–sixth month….by Nicole Coomer

Month Six: Godly Character: Diligence, Perseverance, and Fortitude No two journeys are identical.  Our journeys will be very different from the little disciples you are fasting for.  No matter the journey or cultural shifts, one thing remains, we all must have diligence, perseverance and fortitude on the journey of life.  1 Corinthians 15:58 “Therefore, my […]

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