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Disney Dessert (no, not the Dole Whip)

This week was our annual Sister Chick Disney Trip for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend.  I LOVE THIS TRIP!!  For five days, I get to be the Princess, only responsible for me.  I kind of like that I can eat what I want when I want to eat it and someone else cooks it – […]

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Rise To The Occasion

How often do we ponder what God’s will is for our life? Do you have a deep understanding for what ignites passion in your heart yet your current circumstances look nothing like the path that would lead to such a destination? It’s usually the hard stuff that God allows into our lives that end up […]

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On Snowy Lockdown

Few things bring life to a halt like a 12” cold white blanket draped across much of the Bluegrass state! Bread and milk started flying off the grocery shelf hours before the first flakes fell, schools ended up closed, flights cancelled, and suddenly the entire family found themselves on lockdown for a few days. The […]

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Lessons from a Biker Chick

Eight years ago, our church in Tennessee was preparing to start a motorcycle ministry.  My husband had been saying for years he wanted a motorcycle….I, of course, didn’t think that was a necessity.  It was easy to talk him out of it when our children were young.  Not so easy when our daughter was in […]

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What do you believe is the most urgent need in the world today?

This is a question I recently had to tackle for a scholarship in the Christian Ministries department at Lindsey Wilson College. Although it was a nerve-wracking process, I specifically enjoyed writing this short answer the most and I wanted to share it with you… The most urgent need in our world right now are open […]

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Obedience Is Better

There’s this interesting story in 1 Samuel chapter 15 that really spoke to my selfishness last night as I was studying it. In this chapter, Saul, who is God’s chosen king of Israel, has been instructed by God to go to the Amalek nation and completely destroy everything in it—men, women, children, babies, cattle, sheep, […]

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God Will Use Anything You Got!

I settled into my seat Monday evening after boarding my Delta flight to Peoria, Illinois from Atlanta. I had just bought a new book that caught my eye in one of those little airport shops and I was all set for the trip! Soon my seatmate joined me to occupy the window seat so I […]

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Unleashed to Pray and Fast–ninth month…by Nicole Coomer

Month Nine: Pray for Clear Purpose in their life Our purpose in life is grounded on the truth that God created us for his own Glory. God created man and the rest of creation to glorify him and bring him joy.  Since there is perfect unity among the trinity, God is not lonely or in […]

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