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Train up a child…

This week my baby is graduating from high school! Like every parent, you hope with ever fiber of your being that you’ve instilled all the right things because time has swiftly arrived for baby bird to fly out of the nest and explore the big world!!   Train up a child in the way he […]

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Shades of Gray

I have been on a journey recently of discovering what is healthy for me.  Until my recent foot injury, I was walking approximately 15 miles a week, doing a little weight training and trying to be mindful of what I ate.  I know the reality of weight gain due to age – even though I […]

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Salt Water

Wit can be a blessing and a curse. Having a sharp tongue can be harmless, but when left uncontrolled has the power to rip a person to shreds in a single breath. It is all jokes and fun until I accidentally make a smart comment or blunt opinion toward my mom or someone else I […]

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Little Chicks, Big Chicks, Medium Sized Chick Chicks

Does the title of this post make you want to chime into Old MacDonald had a Farm? It does me! I can’t seem to get the tune out of my head. Last year about this time, I had the bright idea that raising laying hens for the fresh egg production was a fabulous idea! After […]

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To the Moms of Littles Serving the Lord

You are the VBS Director. You are the Sunday School teacher. You are the Nursery Coordinator. You are the Worship Leader. You are the Pastor’s Wife. You are the Women’s Bible Study teacher. You are the Volunteer. You are serving. I see you. I see you roll into meetings with a child on your hip […]

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Unleashed to Pray and Fast–twelfth month

Month Twelve: Pray they will be intense lovers of God, their community, and the nations In the twinkling of our eyes the little feet that once filled our halls, will be grown and gone.  In that unfading moment, we will find ourselves with an odd quietness and stillness that we once longed for but now […]

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