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God Calling

Three years ago today, my husband and I pulled into the driveway of our new home in Walton, Ky.  After almost eleven years in ministry in Nashville, TN, we were starting a new ministry at Erlanger Baptist Church.   We were moving further away from our family in Texas and further away from our first granddaughter.  […]

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Be Careful What You Post

Unless you are living under a rock these days you have likely had your fair share of social media exposure! Some good and others… well, not so much. As you well know, there are various forms of social media such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and others. It never ceases to amaze me how all […]

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They’re Not Ready for Heaven Yet…

  I recently watched a movie called, “End of The Spear” that is about five missionaries and their families who moved to the Amazon jungle in order to reach the Waodani tribe for Jesus. One of the missionary men actually built a small plane so he could fly into the area where this remote village was […]

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How’s Your Servitude?

I love the “you have memories today” notifications from Facebook.  It’s a nice short trip down memory lane each day.  I was scrolling through my memories and saw a video of my granddaughter when she was barely two.  She had placed her stuffed animals in time out for having a bad attitude.  I wonder where […]

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I believe a person’s sense of humor says a lot about them. Yes, it does prove a personality. It has the potential to make us see them as a warm and inviting person, but can it also prove the negative? I think so.   Back in my shyer days, I tried to push myself out […]

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Standing Strong Against the Real Enemy

This past week I heard a phrase that intrigued me, ‘Keyboard Warrior”.  With all the turmoil in the country in the last few weeks over court decisions, everyone seems to have an opinion.  With the anonymity of the internet, there is a boldness to express that opinion that I doubt we would see if speaking […]

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What’s Your Sign?

Last week during a routine shopping trip with my husband and daughter to our local Sam’s Club, we weaved in and out of people to make our way down one aisle and up another. Through the traffic of one aisle and our daughter saying “Hi!” to everyone we saw, we were eagerly approached by an […]

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Flying Without Baggage!

I’m sure many of you readers have figured out by now that I spend a portion of my workweek on an airplane. I have developed professional level packing skills and can throw my bag together in as little time as one hour prior to walking out the door. Not recommended, but I can do it! […]

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Out of The Mouths of Babes

I sat down with an amazing 10-year old boy today and had quite the conversation about archery and Jesus! Luke has been at camp CAMO for the last 3 days and had an absolute blast with friends. What is camp CAMO you may ask? Well…that is a great question! CAMO stands for Christian Archery Ministry […]

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