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I just recently grasped the difference between “happiness” and “joy” as it was pointed out in an Advent service I attended a couple of weeks ago. The pastor made it a point to mention that happiness is a fleeting emotion just like any other feeling we could experience day to day, hour to hour, or […]

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He Came

He came quiet. A simple babe born to a young couple who calmly surrendered to the fear not of the angel. He looked like any other newborn…tiny and soft and perfect. And yet, just below that skin, that melanin, that flesh, was very God. God wrapped in the irresistible beauty of a baby. He grew […]

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Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Our Lord, Savior and God. We have several family traditions.  Christmas Eve we open our Christmas PJs.  Christmas morning, we get our hot chocolate, go through our stockings and then read the Christmas story from Luke.  We then have our traditional breakfast of Bubble Bread and bacon.  Then […]

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The Red Dress

We all have one.   Maybe you don’t have a red dress, but there is that one shirt, dress, skirt, or other piece of apparel that we still have but can’t fit into anymore. It may hold a special meaning or just be one of our past favorites to wear that we hate to get rid […]

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Blessed Are

  I see a lot of stuff on social media stating “if you do __________ you will be blessed”.  We all know that we won’t be blessed by sharing a post on facebook declaring that we love Jesus, but how easily we get can be deceived into believing that any success we might experience is […]

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They Will Come To You To Be Kept Alive!

In the days of Noah things got pretty bad! In fact, it as so bad God told Noah in Genesis 6:13, “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth.” God gave Noah […]

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