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“Me and The Lord Live Here”

It’s always life changing to go and serve our great God on foreign soil! Last week, my family went down to Guaimaca, Honduras for a week. We were able to reunite with many of the people we began building relationships with last year and also encountered countless opportunities to meet new friends too.   The […]

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Don’t Be Shaken

I am in the middle of life chaos!  Can anyone relate?  Just when I think my life will settle down a bit so that I can relax and “enjoy” it, it gets shaken up.  The things that shake my life like glitter in a snow globe aren’t necessarily bad things – but they are things.  […]

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Caution: Under Pressure

Here’s what the dictionary has to say about press or pressure: -to act upon with steadily applied weight or force -to force (someone) toward a particular end; influence   This week I was pressed in an unusual way.  It was one of those moments that caught me by surprise.  It wasn’t the normal pressure of […]

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We All Shine Like Diamonds in The Hand of Our Creator!

I don’t know about you, but I like sparkly, pretty diamonds!  It’s not that I have to have the largest one or anything like that, but in general there is a little something to the old saying, “diamonds are a girls best friend.”  We just like them…  They catch our eye and when we are […]

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New Life

Spring is almost upon us. Everyone I know is itching for warm weather. We want to get outside and soak in the sun. People can’t wait for their Spring Break plans to commence. Easter is close. It is like we are all holding our breath in great anticipation, and we can hardly wait to exhale. […]

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Are You Available?

After far too many years in the background, quite sure that “I couldn’t” was the best answer to any question, I decided a couple of years ago to do my best to live a yes life. To say yes as God brought things my way. So on a sunny and clear November afternoon last fall […]

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