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Bad Girl, Bad Girl, Whatcha gonna do?

I am totally a sinner and a bad girl. I try way too hard to be a good girl, but I fail miserably every chance I get. I want to say it’s easy to stay good. I want to say that once you’ve been saved it’s all uphill from there. But it’s not and Satan […]

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He Holds the Future

If you’ve been following the state news, you know that there are some issues with the pensions of state employees.  As a public educator, I am affected by this.  It affects my future. I am reminded, however, that God holds my future. As I reflect on crisis or tough times in my life, I am […]

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Covered in Prayer

When I was in high school, I had found out that one of my friends had asked her Sunday school class to pray for me. I was livid. Pray for me?!?! There was nothing wrong with me, so I couldn’t understand why my friend would be praying for me and asking others to do the […]

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Do not be afraid! Do not be discouraged! Be Strong! Be courageous! The LORD fights for us! The battles we face can be long and tiring. But always remember we are never fighting alone! Live Fearless.    

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