25 Days of Family Advent

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Christmastime is such a wonderful time of year! I absolutely love the warmth of cozy rooms dimly lit so Christmas tree lights flicker with magical delight. A fire roaring in the fireplace with a good book or a great movie are always inviting too.   But as believers we ready ourselves for so much more! We anticipate the celebration of Jesus’ birth in a manger. What a humble entrance for the King of the World!

I wanted a unique way to be mindful of the true meaning of Christmas while also celebrating the love I have for those God has entrusted to me as family.

I searched high and low, actually a few days on Pinterest if that counts, for the perfect Advent activity to do with my little family. I couldn’t quite find the perfect activity so I finally came up with my own and I’m dying to share it with y’all because they love it! You might want to do something similar with your special people in the future.

I bought a clear glass container for just under $5.00 at Wal-Mart and then I found the cutest little Christmas tree for $1.00 (also at Wal-Mart) for my jar. Now for the fun part! I searched for 3 different figurines ($2 each) to represent each family member that would be participating in my 25 days of Family Advent. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Greg (my hubby) – chickens
  • Kayla (our daughter) – snowman
  • Stephen (Kayla’s boyfriend) – dog with fire hydrant

Don’t ask why I chose these particular figurines because I promise the reasons are pretty lame. LOL


They just worked…OK?

On December 1st we kicked off what I hope to be our new tradition. Whoever gets up and finds their figurine in the snow (I used sugar for snow), it’s your day! You may be thinking how is “the boyfriend” going to get up and look in the snow? Does he live with y’all? NO. My daughter will take a picture if his dog is in the snow and text him a picture. We go to great lengths for those we love. LOL


There is no rhyme or reason to who ends up in the snow so you have to be sure and check every morning to know whose day it is.


If you find yourself anchored inside the snowy wonderland there will be a gift bag or envelope sitting on the table next to the glass wintery wonderland. You will open up whatever has been left for you to see how you’ll participate that day.

You could get any of the following:

  1. A tiny gift
  2. A note of encouragement, something I appreciate about them or a great quality I admire
  3. A challenge to serve someone with a Random Act of Kindness that day! Must also share what you chose to do for someone
  4. Small amount of cash for a cup of coffee or perhaps to by someone else a cup
  5. Special prayer requests

I wanted a combination of things I could do for my little family while integrating a few things we could also do for others.  I love the perfect blend this fun activity provides and it’s FUN!  I chase the FUN!!!

Do y’all have traditions you do through the Christmas season too? I’d love to hear about them!

Merry Christmas!



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