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I am a 30 year-old new mom with an amazing husband! My husband, Brannon, and I have been married seven years this past January, and we welcomed our first child, baby Caroline, in December 2013. We are very active in our home church, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Owensboro, KY. We love serving in any type of ministry to grow His kingdom. Outside of church, we LOVE sports! My husband and I both played sports in college and still enjoy staying active. We play golf, softball, volleyball, kickball....anything with a ball, really. We also love to eat! Eating out with our friends is one of our favorite things to do. We love all different kinds of food, and we enjoy trying new things. I am very humbled and excited to be sharing my story with ladies as we meander through this crazy life.

The Fairytale Love

While we are in this week of Valentine’s Day, many people concentrate on the idea of a fairytale love, or lack thereof.  We work so hard to meet an idealistic, Hollywood portrayed, Disney princess kind of love story and are sorely disappointed when it doesn’t pan out even close to this picture of so called […]

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The Flu

Everyone’s heard about it.  Actually, almost everyone has had it.  The dreaded and dangerous flu that has been going around this season is no joke.  It is crippling even the healthy and even claiming lives. Scary is an understatement, especially for me.  With a 4-year-old and a 7 week old, I am frightened that they […]

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Altars of Remembrance

“For your steadfast love is before my eyes, and I walk in your faithfulness.” ??Psalms? ?26:3 I have talked before about the story in Joshua chapter 4 where God instructs Joshua and the Israelites to build an altar of remembrance near the Jordan River where God had just stopped the waters so they could all […]

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Calm the Storm

Today I have just finished celebrating the 4th birthday of our sweet daughter. The pride and joy she brings is incomparable. While I celebrate the day she was born, it also brings back some tough memories for me because her birth brought on physical, mental, and even spiritual battles. Now, we are in the very […]

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In just a few short weeks, my life will be changing drastically.  Preparing for this change for months now will not be an adequate portrayal of how not only my life but the lives of all those around me will be affected.  This will not be a gradual change but rather the kind you’re thrown […]

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What Can I Pray For?

The adoption process has been just like I imagined…in only one way: we are waiting for a baby.  Other than that, the paperwork grew beyond my expectations quickly in extent and content, the support and encouragement from friends, family, and even strangers has exceeded our imaginations, and the emotions and prayers my husband and I […]

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Is God Good ALL The Time?

I recently received some good news from our doctor about our current pregnancy that was quite the opposite of what the doctor had told us just 2 weeks prior.  The news clearly revealed God’s hand in performing a miraculous work.  Even the doctor was scratching his head at the findings. Because we are sharing our […]

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Who is God?

In my small group today we were talking about different attributes of God.  How do I see God and who is He to me?  In the Old Testament, the Israelites only referred to God by his characteristics… Yaweh-Lord Jehovah Jireh-Provider Elohim-Creator ….And so many more. Our group mentioned traits like God is love, just, faithful, […]

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A Double Blessing

On Mother’s Day, our family was excited to announce to our church family that we were being obedient to God’s calling on our life as we moved to bring a baby home through adoption. The support we received from everyone humbled us but gave us strength in our new journey. The very next day, I […]

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How easy is obedience?  We know what we are supposed to do and yet because of selfishness, fear, apathy, or even lack of faith, we choose to do just the opposite.  I get so very frustrated at my 3 year old sometimes.  She knows what is right and wrong.  She understands that mommy and daddy […]

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