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Passing Legends Point Us to Jesus

2016 has been dubbed as the year that took our celebrity icons. With entertainment legends such as David Bowie and, most recently, Prince among a lengthy list of musicians and actors who have passed this year. The public is at a loss as they mourn those who represent stages and seasons in their own lives. […]

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New Life

Spring is almost upon us. Everyone I know is itching for warm weather. We want to get outside and soak in the sun. People can’t wait for their Spring Break plans to commence. Easter is close. It is like we are all holding our breath in great anticipation, and we can hardly wait to exhale. […]

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I just recently grasped the difference between “happiness” and “joy” as it was pointed out in an Advent service I attended a couple of weeks ago. The pastor made it a point to mention that happiness is a fleeting emotion just like any other feeling we could experience day to day, hour to hour, or […]

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It’s Not Going to Be Perfect

I like things to go a certain way. It’s a flaw. I have struggled with it, wrestled with it, my entire life. I have prayed for God to take it away. I have made a conscious effort to change my actions, my attitude. I honestly don’t know how to shake it. At the most inconvenient […]

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“I Don’t Care”

we as people are becoming more and more indifferent to the world around us. America was founded on the premise of the pursuit of happiness and when I look at people that just let’s life go through the motions, taking the easy route that couldn’t care less about what they stand for, it simply drains […]

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Training Up Children As You Go

I’m not sure that there is an escape from guilt in motherhood. It is a tool the enemy uses to discourage and hinder at every turn. I am constantly battling thoughts of failure; especially in regards to our children. I deeply want to train them up in the Lord, to provide for them, and to […]

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Together In Community

I love to write about community. About people living life together. It’s close to my heart, and ultimately, where I feel Jesus is. We represent Christ well when we live as one body. There is a wonderful group of women who I “do life” with. Jen Hatmaker would call them my “tribe”. They are the […]

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The Circle of Life

  One of my favorite men in the world is Dr. Jimmy Sites. Jimmy has a television show called Spiritual Outdoor Adventures in which he ties hunting into celebrating the beauty of God’s creation. Among other things, he is just an over all cool dude with a ton of wisdom. He has what he (as […]

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I believe a person’s sense of humor says a lot about them. Yes, it does prove a personality. It has the potential to make us see them as a warm and inviting person, but can it also prove the negative? I think so.   Back in my shyer days, I tried to push myself out […]

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Don’t Let the World Mold You

The week of my graduation, my school hosted a Class Night for the graduating class. I never went to prom because I hated the stress and over-exaggeration that goes into to the preparation, but somehow I still found myself in a stupid fluffy dress that night. I initially hated it, but soon became fond of […]

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