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Cast Your Cares Upon Him

Did y’all know? HE will never let us be shaken!!! Psalm 55:22 Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. That’s just what the WORD says! I’ve started a new job after 12 years of being planted in the comforts of what felt more […]

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A Good Good Father on Good Friday!

It’s Good Friday and today marks the day our Savior willingly chose to give Himself up for us! All of us, or one of us, Jesus died on the cross so we could have the opportunity for redemption. A love that holds that much immeasurable depth truly boggles my mind because in my broken, human […]

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  I have NO lies to tell! I got a little excited AND nervous this week when my friend, Becky McCoy published her 35th podcast episode and tagged me on Facebook because I’m the one being interviewed!!!   In this episode, I’m sharing my journey from addiction to sobriety as an RN from nearly 20 years […]

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Brave Faith

~Trusting God with who He says YOU are~ I’ve had this whole Holy initiative (we’ll call it) hit me like a ton of bricks! Sort of out of nowhere and sort of NOT. You understand how some things you know to be true and then there are some things that you KNOW to be true! […]

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We Never Know What The Wait Could Mean

Going to the doctor is never fun and is usually met with some degree of waiting. Most of us are horrible at waiting. We get antsy and easily frustrated in the wait. We carry around smart phones in our pockets to fill every void second with some type of stimulation that allows us to feel […]

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25 Days of Family Advent

Christmastime is such a wonderful time of year! I absolutely love the warmth of cozy rooms dimly lit so Christmas tree lights flicker with magical delight. A fire roaring in the fireplace with a good book or a great movie are always inviting too.   But as believers we ready ourselves for so much more! We […]

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Not on Bread Alone

My plate was piled high with a heap of rice and beans adorned with a plump chicken leg on top. This was a meal I actually like just fine though not my usual. I’m a pretty healthy eater, but on this day I wasn’t sure I’d be able to hold the entire amount of food […]

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Hemmed In

Have you ever felt hemmed in by your circumstances?  I have! The Israelites knew all too well what it felt like to be hemmed in on all sides! God led them to encamp by the sea, directly opposite Baal Zephon.  (Exodus 14:2) Interestingly, God’s plan the entire time was to make Pharaoh think the Israelites […]

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Is Your Smart Phone Being Used as a Snare?

My heart rate elevated just a bit and a slight brain fog fell upon me as I suddenly became aware I had forgotten something very important. I even noticed my palms getting sweaty as I tightened the grip on my steering wheel. Then, I was accompanied by a deep sense of disappointment while driving in […]

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“Excuse me, but I’m sending you to Haiti,” says the Lord Thy God.

Out of nowhere my husband got an unexpected opportunity to go to Haiti to serve with other pastor’s a few weeks ago. There was a Haitian pastor’s conference planned and someone couldn’t go last minute. The details quickly fell into place and before I knew it my hubby was taking to the friendly skies!  This […]

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