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It is Thanksgiving week.  I love Thanksgiving…maybe it’s the food.  That is part of it, but I love the focus we place on our blessings. Last week, my husband and I were having an extra crazy and chaotic week.  A sweet friend in our church called and said she was bringing dinner.   I was so […]

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Pack Light

In the next month, I have the privilege of flying to Las Vegas, Orlando and Puerta Vallarta.  Being the OCD-list maker-packing professional that I am, I have already begun my list of what I will need to pack.  I will be going the carry-on route for these trips, so I am trying to pack as […]

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This past weekend, my husband and I went to see The Dark Tower.  It was one of his favorite movie genres – sci fi/fantasy.  A basic story about good vs. evil.  Since my husband and I are both really aware of sermon illustrations when we go to the movie, it didn’t take long for one […]

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You Want Me To Do What?

This week I was studying in Exodus.  It has been an amazing journey through this book.  I can only imagine what it was like for the Israelites.  Just to be that involved in the work of God. In Exodus 31, God is giving instructions to the Israelites on building the temple. “See, I have called […]

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Happily Ever After

As girls, we all dream of being the princess with the Happily Ever After story.  We read books or watch movies that leave us looking forward to our future happiness. For many of us, the dream of happily ever after may seem like an impossibility.  We encounter The Enemy and our world is rocked.  Sometimes, […]

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The Stranger

For the last 9 months, there has been a stranger living with us.  This woman isn’t in our home all the time, but randomly shows up.  She walks in the room and bursts into tears and loses all sense of reality and perspective.   She prefers the AC set on FREEZE. This woman is me.  I […]

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Life’s Not Fair

There are two quotes that I attribute to my mother.   “No one will ever love you like your mother.”  “Life’s not fair.” We learn that life isn’t fair at an early age.  Other kids have cooler toys, name brand clothes, nicer cars, go on vacations, have better jobs, no health issues, family problems – oh […]

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New Mercies

I love new journals with fresh white pages. I love new calendars with empty squares to fill in.  I love mornings.  I love fresh starts.  I love January 1.  There is just something about “new”.  The new year brings new hopes, new goals, new challenges and new excitement. I don’t know what your 2016 was […]

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Christmas Is About Forgiveness

For many people, Christmas is a difficult time.  Whether we are missing loved ones who are now celebrating with Jesus, dealing with the results of divorce or separation, or fighting the memories of a painful childhood.  We can acknowledge the difficulty and the pain without allowing it to consume our moments and our days and […]

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I am loving everything about this Christmas.  My presents are all purchased, wrapped and under the tree.  I have two precious grand-gifts, with the third one due ANY DAY – literally.  My husband and I decided to buy three gifts per person – specifically representing gold (want), frankincense (spirit) and myrrh (body).  We had so […]

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