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My {wonderful} husband Bruce and I have 3 grown children, and 3 granddaughters. When we're not working, writing, or reading, you can probably find us outside hiking somewhere! We have served in various church ministries throughout our marriage, including pastoring, missions and church planting. I now get to serve as Women's Ministry Director of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Owensboro, and I love it! I have a heart for all women, especially new Christians and those in ministry. I love to write and to share what God has taught me through His word.

Grief Turns to Worship

As we celebrated the resurrection this Easter, I spent some time reading in each of the four gospels, focusing on the women who discovered that the tomb was empty. I love so much about this. I love that it was the women that were there first. I love that they were doing what they could […]

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Frozen Blooms

It was going to be beautiful. The Jane Magnolia that sits some 30 feet from my living room window, the window where I daily drink my coffee and study my bible, was covered in buds. With the backdrop of the neighbor’s white picket fence, and the lake beyond, it was going to be stunning and […]

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In the miraculous crossing of the Jordan River, God told Joshua to have one man from each of the 12 tribes to pick up a stone, from what had been the bottom of the river, and stack them at the place where they would lodge. He told them this would be a memorial to their children in […]

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To Wait

Today my husband and I celebrate 33 years married! One of the best decisions we made when we were dating all those years ago was to wait. To wait until our wedding night for sex. To wait until we were married for all sexual contact. To wait until after we were married to live together. […]

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Are You Available?

After far too many years in the background, quite sure that “I couldn’t” was the best answer to any question, I decided a couple of years ago to do my best to live a yes life. To say yes as God brought things my way. So on a sunny and clear November afternoon last fall […]

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He Came

He came quiet. A simple babe born to a young couple who calmly surrendered to the fear not of the angel. He looked like any other newborn…tiny and soft and perfect. And yet, just below that skin, that melanin, that flesh, was very God. God wrapped in the irresistible beauty of a baby. He grew […]

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Plan on a Short Life

Our small town woke up to a tragedy last Sunday morning. Around bedtime Saturday night an SUV swerved and wrecked in a bean field. There were 7 people inside, most of them children. Four children were ejected when the vehicle flipped, killing three of them and severely injuring the other one. The sadness in our […]

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Say Yes

It’s been a full to the brim year.  As I look back it’s hard to believe so much happened in just the last twelve months. Our family got to enjoy a bunch of firsts. We had our first college graduation (son John), our first officer and pilot (son Paul), and our youngest (daughter Sunita) graduated […]

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Climbing Mountains

Fear is a powerful thing. I should know. I’m realizing just how much it has held me captive in my life. Like many of you, I have long been motivated by fear. Motivated to keep out all that might harm. To take the safe path. This week my husband and I took our first ever […]

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Back to School?

A strange thing happened this week. I didn’t go buy school supplies. Neither did I pay school fees, or fill out endless forms to be turned in to the “front office.” I didn’t shop the back to school sales and buy new backpacks. There are no new mechanical pencils in the house! For the first […]

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