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Hello! Thank you for visiting the Kentucky Baptist Convention's Women's Ministry blog. It is my privilege to serve you and the Kentucky Baptist Convention (KBC) as the women's ministry and senior adult associate on the Leadership Development Team. I have been a part of the KBC staff since 1997. Crosseyedliving was "birthed" as a result of my desire to give women a place to come and "sit" while being encouraged as a spiritual leader, to live as true representatives of Jesus Christ, and to share Him with others as they go. The name of the blog is taken from a past women's conference. The theme was...yes, you guessed it, "Crosseyed Living." Taken from Hebrews 12:2, this theme reminds us to "fix our eyes on Jesus," living according to His standards in every area of our lives. That's true spiritual leadership. I hope that you will check out the posts written by writers, Aundie Starks and Donna Coffey, as well as myself, on a regular basis. (Also, read their bios to get to know each of them a little better.) As you read, may the words and thoughts shared through Crosseyedliving inspire and encourage you along your journey of living as a true spiritual leader. Thank you for letting us in your lives. May you learn, laugh, and live to the glory of God!

Process Pattern of Prayer

Sometimes your heart is heavy about “stuff.”  You may not be angry…disappointed…not even sad. (“Well, maybe I have been a tad sad at times.  Smile.”)  Your heart is simply processing. I believe that Jesus processed too, but He thrived in the process because He remained obedient.  He was fully human AND fully God.  Yet, Jesus […]

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Tracks of Low-Self Esteem

Someone told me something they considered to be true about me.  The words penetrated me to my core—not because they were true. Actually, the words couldn’t have been further from the truth.  (Or is it “farther”?  I can never remember.) After hearing the words, I gently corrected how I do handle certain situations and continued […]

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A Stone’s Throw Away

Click here to read John 8 :1-6… As I read the story of the woman caught in adultery, I wondered what she must have been thinking.  Had she heard of “this” Jesus as she stood a stone’s throw away from impending death? Caught in the very act of adultery, she was taken to the temple and […]

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Super Saturday: a mini-spiritual spa day

The count down to the final Super Saturday has begun.  Super Saturday Louisville is just days away!  It’s the same event as years past but with a NEW, abbreviated schedule. Are you a leader who longs to connect with other leaders in your specialty area? Need new ideas for your ministry area? Want to have […]

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Labor of Love

Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement and dedicated to American workers’ social and economic achievements. The first Monday in September marks a yearly national, tribute to collective contributions workers have made to the strength, wealth, and general well-being of our country.1 Thus, Congress passed into law the first Monday of September, Labor […]

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Next Level Living

Women leaders often ask me, “How do I move the ministry to the next level?”  Some say it takes prayer.  Others say it takes work.  Still some will tell you it just takes time. Nevertheless, I say it takes these and more. I venture to say next level ministry begins with next level living. First, as […]

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Standing Out

“Why blend in when I was born to stand out?” The actor’s words cut deeply.  Isn’t it just like God to use a line from a movie to mold your heart!?! How often have I blended? Too often.  When someone treats another wrongly, and I failed to speak up. Blended. When I know that someone is […]

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Is Discipleship the Culture of YOUR Women’s Ministry?

Women’s ministry can have life-changing, generational-bondage-breaking effects in your church and beyond.  If the culture of women’s ministry is one where Christian women become disciples who make disciples, the very heart of God is expressed and experienced. At least six factors need to be present in women’s ministry to make disciples who make disciples: Prayer […]

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Increase Volunteerism in Women’s Ministry

“Why is it so difficult to get people to volunteer?” I am asked this question consistently. Every church or situation is different, but sometimes even large churches are challenged when securing volunteers. Here are ways you can increase your volunteerism (get more people involved in ministry): 1.      Pray. Ask God to help you see what […]

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Women’s ministry has its challenges.  Leadership, schedules, volunteers, Bible studies, classroom space, attendance, mission trips, etc. all lend themselves to the difficulty of establishing and overseeing—especially for the smaller church. Nevertheless, women’s ministry has so much to offer! I like to think of women’s ministry as #womenatwork4God, equipping, encouraging, and enlisting other women along the way.  (Love […]

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