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Is Discipleship the Culture of YOUR Women’s Ministry?

Women’s ministry can have life-changing, generational-bondage-breaking effects in your church and beyond.  If the culture of women’s ministry is one where Christian women become disciples who make disciples, the very heart of God is expressed and experienced. At least six factors need to be present in women’s ministry to make disciples who make disciples: Prayer […]

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Increase Volunteerism in Women’s Ministry

“Why is it so difficult to get people to volunteer?” I am asked this question consistently. Every church or situation is different, but sometimes even large churches are challenged when securing volunteers. Here are ways you can increase your volunteerism (get more people involved in ministry): 1.      Pray. Ask God to help you see what […]

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Women’s ministry has its challenges.  Leadership, schedules, volunteers, Bible studies, classroom space, attendance, mission trips, etc. all lend themselves to the difficulty of establishing and overseeing—especially for the smaller church. Nevertheless, women’s ministry has so much to offer! I like to think of women’s ministry as #womenatwork4God, equipping, encouraging, and enlisting other women along the way.  (Love […]

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The Heart of Leadership

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Men and women will declare their love for each other, buying boxes of chocolates, bouquets of flowers, and other displays of their undying love. Many engagements and weddings occur on this day as well.  Oh, to lead with love from the inside out! The day would be so […]

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My morning routine usually includes the Power Almond Quinoa Oatmeal (which I “doctor up” of course) from Panera Bread. As I entered this particular morning, you could hear the young lady before she was in sight. She ‘bellowed’ her next move or whatever she was thinking at the moment. The young lady appeared to be […]

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Unleashed to Pray and Fast–twelfth month

Month Twelve: Pray they will be intense lovers of God, their community, and the nations In the twinkling of our eyes the little feet that once filled our halls, will be grown and gone.  In that unfading moment, we will find ourselves with an odd quietness and stillness that we once longed for but now […]

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Unleashed to Pray and Fast–eleventh month…by Nicole Coomer

Month Eleven: Godly Character: Kindness, Gentleness, and Integrity As a young girl, one of the kindest moments I remember occurred on a snowy winter day with my dad.  As he picked me up from my grandmother’s house, he pulled our black Jeep CJ-5 into a snow and ice covered parking lot and for the next […]

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Unleashed to Pray and Fast–tenth month….by Nicole Coomer

Month Ten: Pray for Purity Only the Lord can enable the tomorrow’s generation we have committed to fast and pray for to abstain from sexual immorality.  Only the Lord can empower them to live a victorious life of personal purity.  Only the Lord can give her or him the power to flee and run when […]

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Unleashed to Pray and Fast–ninth month…by Nicole Coomer

Month Nine: Pray for Clear Purpose in their life Our purpose in life is grounded on the truth that God created us for his own Glory. God created man and the rest of creation to glorify him and bring him joy.  Since there is perfect unity among the trinity, God is not lonely or in […]

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Unleashed to Pray and Fast–eighth month…by Nicole Coomer

Happy New Year!  What a way to kick-start our new year.  Let’s continue to pray and fast together! Month Eight: Pray for Unwavering Obedience to Authority As women, praying for tomorrow’s generation, do you remember the first time you chose to obey?  This month as we fast, may we focus on praying for the little […]

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