Bad Girl, Bad Girl, Whatcha gonna do?

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I am totally a sinner and a bad girl. I try way too hard to be a good girl, but I fail miserably every chance I get. I want to say it’s easy to stay good. I want to say that once you’ve been saved it’s all uphill from there. But it’s not and Satan makes sure it’s not. I don’t want to blame Satan 100%, we’re definitely still sinners once we’re saved.

Sometimes I can see the bad girl rise up inside of me. I hear the Holy Spirit’s whispers, but I ignore Him and let my anger get in the way. After I realize my sin, I come to the throne of grace and beg for forgiveness. Our Lord freely gives us His bountiful, amazing grace if we confess our sins to Him. Then He gives me a second chance (and third and fourth and…).

When I stay in His Word and put it in my heart, that’s when the bad girl becomes stifled; that’s when she stays away. I had an incident at work where rumors were involved and the most extreme pettiness you can think of. I was determined that rage would not get the best of me and I refused to get angry over something I knew Satan was a part of. I remembered Psalm 37 and immediately looked over verses 8 and 9. I wrote them down on an index card along with Isaiah 26:3. Both of these scriptures, side by side, helped my anger dissipate and I was able to share my index card with my best work friend. It not only helped me, but it helped her. She even told me how much she needed to hear those verses. The Lord allowed me to shine a little bit of Jesus her way. The Lord is faithful, even when we’re bad girls. I praise Him for His faithfulness, mercy and grace. Trust in Jesus, sweet sister. You don’t walk this road alone.

Thank you Lord for being faithful and merciful, even when we are “bad girls.” In Christ I pray, Amen.

~Lauren Ray

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