Brave Faith

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~Trusting God with who He says YOU are~

I’ve had this whole Holy initiative (we’ll call it) hit me like a ton of bricks! Sort of out of nowhere and sort of NOT. You understand how some things you know to be true and then there are some things that you KNOW to be true! The things you KNOW to be true are on a whole other level!

It’s rather simple concepts to think about yet incredibly difficult to implement. Big BRAVE faith usually is, right?

I’ve had to implement Big Brave Faith several times in my life. Honestly, it doesn’t necessarily get any easier, but I do recognize when the need starts to invade my space.

Brave faith is the two words God has given me lately. I am speaking for a ladies tea at the end of March and the event coordinator recently asked for the topic in which I planned to speak about. The day she notified me I happened to be deep into stressful work and nearly paralyzed at the thought of giving her such important information. I could have cried at her simple request. Instead, I pushed the chair back from my desk, dropped my head to my hands and prayed for God to help me because honestly in this moment I felt like I didn’t have much to give. I admitted my desperate need for His rescue and much grace. I walked around the house in hopes to hear God’s voice ever so clearly on a topic to give her. I recall telling God I just can’t keep doing this like I have. I don’t want to come up with something for the sake of filling a void, but I want a true word from Heaven that can be brought down to do us all some good, starting with ME! And there I was on my steps, wrestling with the real question of brave faith, “are you going to trust me and hold fast with brave faith, Kelli?” “Do you really remember whose you are in all this stress?” I was being faced with an awareness that I needed to trust my God with who He says I am! There I was on my steps pondering the gravity of just how heavy this question felt as it hung off the edge of my heart. Anyone else been there? I recognized immediately how I must steward this topic well in order to share it with others. I suspect I’m not alone when it comes to realizing or just remembering our true identity in Christ!

I’m in a season of career transition after 12 years with the same company. I’m comfortable and secure in so many ways. I’ve known it was coming, but I had no certainty as to when that day would be. It’s here and I’m a lot scared. God is using this time to remind me of who I am in Him and He wants to make sure you remember too! Whatever situation or circumstances any of us might be facing, God is faithful and trustworthy and we need to live as though we actually believe it! This is where our FREEDOM in Christ comes from dear ones.

I invite you to share how you are having brave faith here and over on my instagram today @kelliestes. I’d love to hear from y’all!


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  1. Posted February 11, 2017 at 10:07 am | Permalink

    Oh, Kelli! I’m in the midst of battling cancer, and I’m learning about brave faith! Brave faith requires complete, deliberate surrender each day, and I so want to be like the Centurion whose faith amazed Jesus! I want Jesus to look at my brave faith and go, “Whoa!!!!” I don’t want scared faith, I want to have 100 percent brave faith!!!

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