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So, last night about 10:00, I realized it was Friday.  That’s when I also realized I had not completed my post for this week.  Talk about a big “OOPS!”  As a blogger, I often found myself asking forgiveness from my readers when I hadn’t posted as often as I’d liked. I felt the need to explain myself. When I realized I was apologizing for “life happening,” I stopped.


And it does, doesn’t it?


Life happens.


Why do we apologize for having a rough week at work?  Why do we apologize for being sick? Why do we apologize for putting the needs of ourselves and our families before other things?  This week, between a constant headache and crazy schedule at work, I’ve felt pretty terrible. I’ve neglected my housework and my ViBella business. As you can tell, I’ve neglected my writing as well.

The important thing we must remember when “life happens” is to show grace…..grace to ourselves and to others.


The ultimate picture of grace is Jesus Christ.  When we fall, He picks us up.  When we fail, He redeems. When we hurt, He comforts. Whatever happens in life, Jesus is there for us.  How are you at showing grace?  Do you live by a NO EXCUSES motto, or do you say, “Girl, I understand!”?  My prayer for all of us is that we can let go of that Wonder Woman image we want to bear and just bear the image of grace.

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