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Where is the LOVE?

The Way of Love 1 Corinthians 13:1–13 13 If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. 2 And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to […]

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Fill The Gaps

  Do you find yourself dividing your life into ‘compartments’?  You know – church life, home life, work life?  What about spiritual, physical and emotional?  For some reason we think that these are all separate areas of life, when in reality they are all connected to make “US”. To be the best ME that I […]

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What’s The Plan?

My husband is not one who sits and relaxes well.  Before he became a  Pastor, he was a Marine and a banker – lots of structure.  He is well known with family and close friends for asking “what’s the plan?” To some of us, there is something comforting about knowing there’s a plan. A month […]

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It Might Be Time to Stop Praying

Yes, that’s right, stop praying!  Before you get a bee in your bonnet, stay with me.  I have been going through a 4-week study with my Sunday school class called, “Taking Responsibility for Your Life” by Andy Stanley.  Week three was entitled, “this is no time to pray”.  Some things we simply do not need […]

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Winter + Hormones = Not a Good Mix

I am Christian, lover of Jesus, follower of Christ, but sometimes I still suffer sadness when all outward appearances mimic gladness.  I am woman with lots to do, lots to think about, and accomplish.  Add to that a very complex mix of hormones.  They’re real, just ask my husband. I fall into this place of […]

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Tuesday is the day!

I joined a gym back a few months ago.  Having had bypass surgery in August and being overweight, I was told I needed to lose weight.  I know me and know that just by joining a gym that would not be good enough, so I hired a personal trainer to meet with me three days […]

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“New” Taste Buds

The other day, I ate a K C donut–the only name/reason to EVER eat a donut! (Complete name not used purposefully.)  After the second bite, I noticed a “film” of sorts on the roof of my mouth.  The more bites….the heavier this “film.”  (I mean I had to keep eating to see if the film would […]

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Memorable Pampering

 It was a  Saturday with no engagements on the calendar for the weekend–a refreshing change.  I had just left the hair salon and was in desperate need of a mani/pedi. Instead of driving the five miles or so to my usual place in Oxmoor Mall, I decided to choose something different.  So, I said, “okay, Lord, […]

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Goals to Grow By

 Last week, I shared my top five values, following a workshop that I attended.  For those who missed the blog post or care to be reminded, they were:  faith, family, health, education and finances. As I continue to put into practice what I learned during the workshop, I want to share a short term and a long term […]

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Managing Life’s Priorities

Over the weekend, I traveled to attend a workshop this past Monday, October 4.  The workshop, “Managing Multiple Priorities,” was led by a Christian trainer who did an outstanding job delivering the subject matter.  About 10 minutes into his presentation, he expanded the workshop title to “Managing Your Life’s Priorities.” One of our assignments was […]

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