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In just a few short weeks, my life will be changing drastically.  Preparing for this change for months now will not be an adequate portrayal of how not only my life but the lives of all those around me will be affected.  This will not be a gradual change but rather the kind you’re thrown into some cold water, head first almost forgetting how to swim.  You feel like you can’t catch your breath or keep your head above water.  But all the while, you are adapting to the change so quickly that you don’t even realize that you have had to change what stroke you are swimming or sometimes even just float on your back to keep from drowning.

Having a new baby, a second baby, has definitely been changing my body for the last 8 months, but other than that, my life hasn’t been altered nor my time been divided the way it will be very soon.  Change is a normal part of our life.  We change locations.  We change direction.  Our opinions change.  Our bodies change.  Life circumstances change.  We are an ever evolving people and adapt to how our lives are affected by big or small change.  Sometimes the change comes easy and other times it seems unbearable.

In the midst of my quickly approaching changes awaiting the minute this new baby girl comes into this world, I take comfort and have peace knowing that I have a God who never changes.  God is never caught off guard by what is affecting my life.  His faithfulness never waivers even in the middle of my doubt.  God always keeps promises.  He is not affected by the mountains and valleys of my life or the way my thoughts continually run in circles.

What I have learned recently in preparing for the many upcoming changes is not that God always keeps His promises.  That reminder is not hard for me to understand because I have seen His faithfulness.  However, another trait that doesn’t change for God are His expectations for me.  My perfection must be laughable to Him because He knows my faults so well.  But, even in my shortcomings, He expects me to trust He has my life in His hands.  When I don’t understand, when my worries seem to overcome my thoughts, when I feel like I need a life jacket from the weight of the water around me, He still expects me to believe in faith that He will take care of me.  His unchanging ways allow me to believe that He will still be faithful.  I may not understand how or even witness in this lifetime some of the ways He has been in control of these changes I am facing, but He expects me to acknowledge that His ways are higher than my own and that my faith can glorify Him no matter my circumstance.

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  1. shelly
    Posted November 2, 2017 at 11:04 am | Permalink

    Hi Jill. I am so excited about this new addition to your family. Yes, God is faithful and will help you and your family handle the changes. How comforting to know that we serve such a Great God!

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